Ilario Liburni & Valentino Kanzyani Glostra 53 (incl. Ilario Liburni and Valentino Kanzyani Remixes) Invade Records

Ilario Liburni returns to his Invade Records imprint with a deep-riding split-release with Valentino Kanzyani entitled ‘Glostra 53’.

Ilario Liburni first emerged onto the music scene in 2011 through his inaugural release on Monique Musique before establishing his own imprints Invade Records and Cardinal. Ilrario has since gone on to release on various labels, most notably Riva Starr’s Snatch! and Memoria Recordings in addition to releasing music from the likes of Tripmastaz, David Gtronic and remixes from Sascha Dive, Franck Roger, Sascha Dive on his Invade imprint. ‘Glostra 53’ sees Ilario invite Slovenia’s Valentino Kanzyani to the label who’s known for his releases on Bla Bla, Cadenza, Jesus Loved You and many more as they come together to combine elements of minimal house and deeper sound design.

Ilario Liburni’s ‘Giostra’ gets things rolling with rhythmic percussion harmonising delicately with wobbly stabs and deep pulsations whilst Valentino Kanzyani deploys bumping basslines, colourful synth licks and bubbling aesthetics throughout.

Valentino then throws down an effervescent remix of ‘Glostra 53’ laying focus on shuffling drums, revolving modulations with hints of stabbing acid notes undulating within before Ilario rounds things with a remix of ‘Melgo’ featuring a diverse palette of sounds most notably the jazzy chords, wavering effects and shimmering low frequencies oscillating underneath.

Ilario Liburni & Valentino Kanzyani ‘Glostra 53’ drops on Invade Records on 6th September 2019.


1. Ilario Liburni – Glostra 53 (Original Mix)
2. Valentino Kanzyani – Melgo (Original Mix)
3. Ilario Liburni – Glostra 53 (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)
4. Valentino Kanzyani – Melgo (Ilario Liburni Remix)


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