Cat No: HIOK003 
Artist: Various Artists 
Title: We Make Music Vol. 3 
Label: House Is OK 
Format: 12″ & Digital 
Release Date: 24th June 2013 

Third and last part of the “We Make Music”series has finally arrived and just right on time as Janis, Oliver Achatz andHomeboy deliver the perfect soundtrack for the summer, accompanied by a new friend, east-coast disco honcho Sleazy McQueen, assigned for remix duties. 

Homeboy opens with one of his most cheerful works so far. “Hula Hoop” is a lot of things: it’s Disco, it’s House and it’s as happy as Croatian dance music specialist can get. It starts with a heavy piano riff that gets doubled by the occasional disco synth, which works since Tee Scott first went into the studio. The chorus gets really cheesy. So cheesy, that the fat almost drops from it, yet the rough 707 drums and distorted bass keeps things on the floor. After the psychedelic breakdown, keyboard virtuoso Alexander Ismailovski shoots you right back from space to heaven. 

This is where you meet Janis and he takes you even further with “Movin’ Up”. The stomping house beat strikes like thunder as the filtered swirling under it makes you open up your disco shirt and raise your arm like Travolta. This is no song for the shy dancers; this is peak time dance floor craziness! Do your boogie and shake that booty like your momma told ‘ya! 

The flip starts with “Express”, Oliver Achatz’ love train. Arpeggios chuckling like a locomotive, drums tight as the railway and the ueber-funky bassline invites you to the disco wagon, where the air smells of sweet perfume and the music is in control of your body and soul. This combo drives you safely to the break, where the vocals take over and prove once more, that Oli is a lover, not a fighter. Just be careful when you drop this bomb on the dance floor, the endorphin explosion might be heavy. 

As with the first two parts, the compilation is closed by a guest remix. Boys asked Sleazy McQueen to put his fingers on Homeboy’s “Hula Hoop”. He turned the happy upbeat to a slow riding disco monster. The moroderish euro bass arp will surely shake up festival dance floors this summer. The perfect secret weapon for any open air party, when the mind opens up to nature and the body moves all night long to sexy dance music under the glowing full moon. 

This is the last part of the “We Make Music” trilogy and the last release before the summer break. The trio wishes you a blasting summer and will return with more music in autumn. 

Do your dance to the rhythm!


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