Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry

Artist: Andy Slate
Title: Clouds Don’t Cry
Label: Eight Miles High
Release Date: 1/08/13

1) Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry 
2) Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry (Alexander Konig & Mike Ravelli Remix) 
3) Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry (Solid Gold Playaz Remix) 
4) Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry (Diwex Remix) 
5) Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry (Stefan Cordery Remix) 
6) Andy Slate Feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry (Fred Prest Remix)

Much respected US transplant DJ/producer Andy Slate comes up trumps here with his latest EP, Clouds Don’t Cry. The third release on Slate’s own eightmileshigh imprint, it features the prolific producer in vintage form, as he paves the way for an eclectic 6-track EP that speaks volumes of his lengthy production career. 

First up is the title track, produced in tandem with Kenny Gino of MindInfluence (Solid Gold Playaz, Cozmic Jazzz Futurist). Blissful melodies and clever strings are the order of the day, as the vaguely progressive backdrop and Gino’s sultry, sun-glistened vocals help carry the track to higher planes. Alexander Koning and Mike Ravelli maintain a similar stance, with their subtle interpretation really getting going once the eventual barrage of simmering snares and weighty percussion enter the equation. 

Crunchy textures and popping beats play a pertinent role in Solid Gold Playaz vehement tech-house remix; one that panders to the dance floor with considerable distinction. Hungarian producer Diwex’s remix is all about the forceful kick and the deep overtones, before fledgling British producer and Kinetic Groove owner laces the track with a fair dollop of ominous, atmospheric leanings. Stripped-back but dexterous, it’s a particularly refined offering on an EP that’s brimming with quality. 

Finally, Fred Prest goes diverse, turning ”Clouds Don’t Cry” into a heads-down anthem that takes no prisoners and echoes the sound of old-school Detroit in the process. All in all, this is an undoubtedly tasty amalgamation of house music that’s arrived just in time for the summer season.


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