Newcomer Aniche releases a strikingly original EP on Reptile Dysfunction: intricate, percussion-heavy dance music that sounds quite unlike anything else you’re likely to come across this year.
Aniche’s synaesthesia has allowed him since childhood to see sound as shapes, colours, and textures. This deeply intimate and emotional connection with music has helped over 20 years of writing and producing music, and 15 years of DJing. His sound is an articulation of Eastern heritage and British culture, representing as much his 90s rave/electronica influences as classical Hindi and psychedelic disco.
“Releases like this are exactly why we set up Reptile Dysfunction. Aniche is a graduate of my DJ and producer academy and a great example of an artist whose dedication to his art and pure persistence as well as patience will give him a great career. We’re proud to be able to release this very unique debut EP.” Doorly
Landing on Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction label, Aniche’s Prologue EP is a gentle easing-into of a grand narrative that will continue with the release of a full length LP later this year. The artwork is made up of colours that come directly from the music, with its vortex pulling you into his world. It features two tracks from the forthcoming album, and the initial pieces that confirmed he had truly found his niche.
“Lipservice was the moment I discovered what is now my sound. Drums are hugely important to me, and every track on this EP is an evolution of experiments with percussion. The Himalayan Soul subtitle references a sub-style I’m pioneering, and Enchanted Gold is actually #2 in that series (#1 is on the Miami sampler!) so expect a lot more where that came from! But it’s Little Green Leaves that seems to be the runaway hit with most people, and that climactic final drop shakes me up every time.” Aniche


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