Artist: D-Knox Title: Mind Your Reality EP


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Cat No: TKG009
Artist: D-Knox
Title: Mind Your Reality EP
Label: Tuskegee Music
Release Dates: 12” – 25th March / Beatport digital – 8th March

Seth Troxler lines up the next 12″ on his label of cultural heritage Tuskegee Music. In the follow up to stellar output from Butch and Bas Ibelleni as well as Phil Moffa, The Martinez Brothers & Jesse Calosso collaborating under Soundview – the next in the series comes courtesy of the mighty D-Knox.

Those in the know will know what to expect: rich atmospheres, potent drums and a healthy measure of spacey synthesis. Throughout recent records on EPM and his own label Sonic Mind as well as his charitable 12” on French label D3 Elements alongside Terrence Parker, Techelectro and Dan Curtin for the benefit of children of Detroit – D-Knox has continued to refined these sounds and his recent 12” for His ‘Mind Your Reality’ EP combines all in abundance.

‘All Energy’ – a celestial trip lead by flexing synth chords and tight, icy percussion before the masterfully crafted ‘Fornicate’ demonstrates D-Knox’s knack for sound design as reverb builds a capacious space for feedback signals and dissonant, interweaving melodies. ‘Chosen Goals’ then renders a harsh landscape as punching drums rattle through glowing sweeps and a menacing bass groove.

‘Intentions’ then follows up as softened melodies are set rebounding off of distant pads. Subtle tension broods throughout as a set of interplanetary excursions are brought to a close. Now a cemented member of the EPM roster with a contribution to a future 15 year comp on the way – D-knox brings depth and experience to Tuskegee as another coup is capped off.



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