Artist Interview Series: BogThe

About BogThe:

Born in Bucharest in ‘92, BogThe started his musical journey in his early years of life.

He started attenting Romanian electronic music events in his teenage years all over the country.

In highschool alongside his classmate, also passionate about music  they started working on their first EP called “The Last Room” using Zeidler Project. Their tracks reached a few labels like DNCTRX, Suicide Robot, Press Play, Weekend Weapons, Fogbank Recordings, Club Weapons, Elektrotribe Records, Ultimate Deep, one of the tracks being supported by O.K. Corral, the Romanian duo represented by Tiberiu Jakab and Bogdan Danciu, at Silver Club and Studio Martin in Bucharest.

BogThe joined the music industry with a rich and diverse musical background and he’s trying to improve everyday and his DJ skills also. The last couple of years were very productive music wise for BogThe, which helped him gain a lot of experience as a DJ.

In 2015 he started as a resident DJ at all Pe Coclauri events.

2017 brought him a fresh collaboration with IFMRadio Romania and having his own radio show. A few months later, he was asked to join IFMRadio team as an Assistant Manager and then was working also as a Program Director.

The last months of 2019 brought him the opportunity to play at the legendary Kristal Club in Bucharest alongside DJ’s like Andrea Oliva, Archie Hamilton, Mahony, Rosario Internullo, Crihan & others. 

At this point BogThe is working in Ableton to create his own raw and unique musical style.


Hey hello hello . Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. I wanted to start by talking about your local scene . 

What’s it like for electronic music? A lot different than the usual Berlin, Ibiza , etc I imagine?

BOGTHE: Hello. Thank you very much for the invite. First of all, I was born in Bucharest, Romania where I also live. Yes, it’s quite different here in my hometown, because people nowadays are just going out to party, they don’t care who’s coming to play that night or what music will be at that venue, all they want is to have a good time. Personally I think that if we had more people with a little bit musical knowledge , the scene would be a lot better ,but still cannot compare Berlin or Ibiza with Eastern Europe.

When did you first become interested in electronic music then?

BOGTHE: It happend at my 18th birthday. My friends and I went to the Black Sea at the Sunwaves Festival in Mamaia and for me it was the first time. That trip changed my course in life. I’ve realised that electronic music is the thing I’ve been looking for and I have to thank my friends for introducing me to the scene.

What do you remember most fondly about the scene in your home town?

BOGTHE: Most of the events I attended in my home town and where I have the most beautiful memories, wore those made by the Kristal agency, where I had the opportunity to play at the end of 2019.

Which notorious dj had a big influence on you then?  What others DJs were too?

BOGTHE: Because I liked hip hop, funky or jazz music since I was a child, the DJs who influenced me the most wore Derrick Carter, DJ SNEAK, Masters at Work and Phil Weeks. That’s what I liked at the beginning of my musical career.

Tell us about your future plans? Upcoming labels , releases ? 

BOGTHE: My future plans are to start gigin’ music in other countries, uplift my producing skills,  be a resident at a club and try to make breakthrough more in the industry. I”ve been working for a year to learn the basics in Ableton and this year I released my first EP which, surprisingly for me, had a very good feedback, but I still have a lot of work to do to move on to the next level.

I have upcoming releases on Horatio’s label:Waldliebe Familien and on Joshua Puerta’s label Ride Music.

If you would pick 5 tunes what would be those?


Phil Weeks ft. Lady Bird – Searchin for love 

Rene & Angela Feat. Notorious Big – I Love You More (Dj “S” Remix)

 Derrick L. Carter ‘Squaredancing In A Roundhouse’ (B.H.Q. Revisits the Classics)”

Deep Dish – Flashdance

George Morel – Let’s Groove (Original Mix)

How do u do your own musical selection : Do you follow some producers or select what comes and goes?

BOGTHE: Sometimes I follow labels and producers, but mostly I select tracks which I think that they fit better with my musical taste 

Do you have your own label ? If not do you plan to open one? 

BOGTHE: For the moment I don’t have my own label, but is it in my plans to create one in the future

You will release your music on vinyl too, I believe. Is it a medium that you very much still support and believe in?

BOGTHE: I will definitely release music on vinyl as well, but only when I’m sure the tracks will be very good and fit for a vinyl format.

Dj set or live set?

BOGTHE: Dj set

Tell us a bit about your gear? What do you use for mixing / live set?

BOGTHE: For now I play only on CDJs, but I want to improve my skills on turntables as well

Clubs or festivals?

BOGTHE: Festivals

One gig that u never forgot?

BOGTHE: My first gig at Kristal Club at the end of 2019 alongside Archie Hamilton. That was the best experience that happened in my career and I want to thank Kristal Club Agency for that.

Why do you think that Ibiza is so special?

BOGTHE: I’ve been twice to Ibiza and all I want to say is that I lived on another planet while I was there. The music, the clubs, the sound system in the clubs, the crowd, the views,  positive vibes and atmosphere make Ibiza so special.

Is a new wave now in industry: doing collaborations between producers . I also wanted to ask you about your collaborations?. Have u done those? With whom? 

BOGTHE: For the moment I don’t have any collaborations but I’m open for this in the upcoming future.

From where do u get your inspirations?

BOGTHE: I got a lot of inspiration from DJ’s and producers like Demuir, DJ Sneak, Marco Carola, Chris Stussy, East End Dubs, Archie Hamilton and I try to combine them all to create my own and unique style in production and also in mixing

Finally, what more can we look forward to from you over the next while?

BOGTHE: This year I’ve decided to dedicate more of my time for production. My first gig after this tough time was in July with waFF, which was also the first gig for him, but I don’t know when the next one will be. Until then I will work on my projects to get better and better and maybe reach a big label at the end of the year. 

Many thanks for your time…


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