After getting to our top 10 tracks on December , we wanted to know more about this young artist so we invited him to an interview regarding his romanian roots,London nightlife and more.

Hey hello hello . Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. I wanted to start by talking about your local scene .
What’s it like for electronic music? A lot different than the usual Berlin, Ibiza , etc I imagine?

Hi, thanks for having me on board. I would say London is one of the best cities for electronic music scene, people are friendly and engaging in the industry. Most of my friends here are involved in music,from production to organising events so there are many opportunities to build a brand or your career as an artist. Party wise, before the lockdown, you could start your weekend on the Friday and easily meet some people to carry till Sun then maybe an after through Monday if you can resist and the illegal raves /parties were illegal even before so there is a lots going on if you want to be involved.

When did you first become interested in electronic music then?
It was second year after moving to Ldn, I randomly met this guy walking his dog ,I loved his dog, he loved my music from my car which was only cuts from my favourites mixes I was listening. He invited me few times at his place but only when I remained alone for like a week I decided to visit him and at my surprise he was Dj himself with all the gear there in the room so after showing me what is about for me it was like an addiction.

What do you remember most fondly about the scene in your home town?
Club MIDI in Cluj-Napoca, which is only 30 min. drive from my home town Turda and during 2006 -09 I was lucky to hear there some of the biggest names in the industry like Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Magda,Dubfire, Marco Carola, Loco Dice…and the sound system from there you could feel the bass through your knees and your jeans move with the flow from the subbs

Which notorious dj had a big influence on you then? What others DJs were too?
I would say Richie Hawtin’s Minus sound was always something special but at the same time Sascha’ s Involver albums are like imprinted on my mind, and by the time I was into Dj ing I was already following all the big names in the scene so a little bit from everyone’s style and technique.

Tell us about your future plans? Upcoming labels , releases ?
There are a couple of projects I’m working on, depends on the final results, I’m planning to have another release on Dreizehn Schallplatten and also I have the opportunity to release on Horatio’s Shodan Records.

If you would pick 5 tunes what would be those?
1 Keith Carnal – Any Given Name (Original Mix),
2 Oruam Zior, Ruvick L – RV20 (MVI Remix),
3 Buru – Crows (Original Mix),
4 Kwartz – Show me that light (Cleric Remix),
5 PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini – Raving In Paris (Insolate Remix)

How do u do your own musical selection : Do you follow some producers or select what comes and goes?
For me music always has to play on the background from the morning till going to sleep and I’m quite selective to what I listen, most of the time would play my liked videos from youtube and related tracks,for example when listening to a new set if I hear something special I would stop from what I’m doing and make a note or research the sound.

Do you have your own label ? If not do you plan to open one?
Nope , I’m involved directly with Advanced Music IE. as A&R and also managing Advanced Booking Agency which I would say keeps me busy enough so I have time for production.

You will release your music on vinyl too, I believe. Is it a medium that you very much still support and believe in?
I consider vinyl is the ultimate level for djing ,yet old school but its always more appreciated, sound quality and cdj s everyone can do but having same set from records must be a very good selection. I had a remix for Roby M Rage – Queen Of The Night released on Techno Vinyls Records and I also
have some of my production laser cutted on vinyls for my own collection and practice.

Dj set or live set?
Dj set for now , I’m having in mind to create a hybrid live set but this is only a future plan, I don’t consider it a must.

Tell us a bit about your gear? What do you use for mixing / live set?
I prefer a Alien and Heath mixer than Pioneer and 3 or 4 Cdjs gives me the chance to almost remix tracks live but I’m easy going with what the venue offers and obviously my selection depends on this.

Clubs or festivals?
Festivals for sure , I love nature so outdoor events are always the best experience for me.

One gig that u never forgot?
Level 0 , last year in Cluj-Napoca .The party went beyond my expectation and one of the best crowd keeping on till 11 in the morning with the same crazy energy like in the peak of the night. Really thankful I was part of it , amazing memories.

Why do you think that Ibiza is so special?
Ibiza it has its own vibe as everyone there is on vacation and party mode. I’m lucky to have a friend living there and I would say the north side of the island is more special and the afterpartys, Clubbing is wild and busy but not necessarily for the hard techno other than big events and compared to Ldn or Berlin where its lot more frequently, maybe because of the weather.Is a new wave now in industry: doing collaborations between producers .

I also wanted to ask you about your collaborations?. Have u done those? With whom?
I had collaborations with Roby M Rage, Patrick Dandoczi and remixes for quite a few projects and I consider each one is a good share of experience as you get to see how other artists do their music.

From where do u get your inspirations?
I listed a lot of genres like liquid, dnb, dub and psy trance which I consider are pushing the boundaries of electronic music. If I’m hearing a sound or a pattern that I love, I’m almost able to make it in Ableton and during this process I always discover new sounds. Also I get inspired by the sounds
of nature like birds songs or the sounds of the train tracks, bike sprockets will be in my future project as the rolling hi hats …there is plenty of inspiration around.

Finally, what more can we look forward to from you over the next while?
I’m planning to finish this new projects on the highest level so I will allow few months in between releases, also there will be a live stream from my studio this Dec. on the Advanced Booking Agency page.

Many thanks for your time… We are impatiently waiting to hear our podcast.
More than welcomed , looking forward for it,

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