Artist Interview Series: Yoni Yarchi

Hey hello hello . Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Yoni Yarchi: You’re welcome! Very happy to be speaking with you.

I wanted to start by talking about your local scene. What’s it like for electronic music? A lot different than the usual Berlin, Ibiza , etc I imagine?

Yoni Yarchi: I think that in Israel it’s a little different. There are really good clubs here such as Biet- Mahariv and The Block Club. Many well-known DJs play at these clubs every week. I think that the scene in Israel will continue to grow and be one of the must-play places in the world. Our crowds in Israel are well in-tune with music, but they’re not as open minded as let’s say the club crowds in Berlin. I think Berlin is a bit more supportive of newer artists so that they can emerge and develop, whereas it’s a bit more difficult in Israel. You’ll usually see the familiar names artists here.

When did you first become interested in electronic music then?

Yoni Yarchi: I have always loved all kinds of music. I was around 13 years old when I started working on my own music with the software called Impulse Tracker. When I stared to play music I would hear trance music such as Armin van Burren, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and BT. I was always interested in how these artists made their sounds and I listened to the little details. I drove my friends crazy with it – they would get mad at me when we went to the clubs and I would tell them there is a mistake in a track or the effects were wrong. That’s how I started to develop myself in music.

What do you remember most fondly about the scene in your home town?

Yoni Yarchi: The scene in Tel Aviv is good, but not like Berlin as mentioned earlier. I think what’s nice about our scene is we are lucky enough to have world-class famous DJs and performers come to our city.


Which notorious DJ had a big influence on you then?  What others DJs were too?

Yoni Yarchi: There are lots of DJs who have left their mark on me musically. Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, guys like this in the early days. Right now I am really inspired by Lee Burridge and his DJ sets. He really tells a story.

Tell us about your future plans? Upcoming labels , releases ? Parties?

RYoni Yarchi: ight now there’s a lot of new music on the way and lots of surprises and collaborations. ‘The Subconscious EP’ is coming out November 30th on Loot Recordings. After this I have a new release with a really big artist in January, but I am sorry – I can’t tell you what that is yet!

If you would pick 5 tunes what would be those?

Yoni Yarchi:

1. Powel – Eolomea (Original Mix) [ All Day I Dream]

2. Guy Gerber – What To Do (&ME Remix)  [Rumors]

3. Be Svendsen – October Letters (Original Mix) [Music for dreams]

4. Claptone, Zola Blood – Birdsong (Eagles & Butterflies Remix) [Different]

5. Boatman, Pedro Pozos – Everyou (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]

How do u do your own musical selection : Do you follow some producers or select what comes and goes?

Yoni Yarchi: I always choose what is special to me and what sounds good to me. Most importantly, it has so be something that really captures me. I choose the tracks carefuly It is important to me that the production and mix will sound good. I follow a few artists that I’m really connected to, but I never really rule out new ones either. One artist I really enjoy at the moment is Quatari from Paris. Nice deep sound!

Do you have your own label ? If not do you plan to open one?

Yoni Yarchi: I have always dreamed of starting my own label and signing things that sound good to me. Right now I’m busy creating new music and building myself up. But I do think that later I will possibly develop a label of my own.

Do you play on Vinyl ? Do you want to release your music on vinyl too?

Is it a medium that you very much still support and believe in? Tell us more about your vinyl plans?

Yoni Yarchi: Some of my fondest memories with music are related to vinyl. I remember entering a store called Funky Fish records in Tel Aviv, asking for a pile of records and sitting patiently listening to them all, carefully selecting what I like. Even when I started my career I released my first album as early as 2004 on vinyl. It was released as a limited edition, but this is another time when I was doing some progressive and trance.

I hope record labels realize the value of vinyl. I think it’s a great thing – some labels really value it, like All Day I Dream. I wish labels invested more into vinyl. Today, it’s all about releasing more digital.

Dj set or live set?

Yoni Yarchi:  I DJ and do not perform out live at the moment.

Tell us a bit about your gear? What do you use for mixing / live set?

Yoni Yarchi: I really like my headphones Aiaiai TMA2. I think they’re the best today. I use Logic and then I always play a bit with the sound that will sound good. I am less involved in gear, but I use Akai APC controllers and Evolution Uc33e, a guitar for some live, organic sound. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a studio full of gear. Most people have this, but they can’t even use it or know how to use it. Right now I work a lot with various plug-ins and experiment to get my sounds the way I like them to be.

Clubs or festivals?

Yoni Yarchi: Both. Clubs give you an opportunity to have more contact with an intimate audience for sure.

One gig that u never forgot?

Yoni Yarchi: Honestly, nothing really stands out to me. I have fun whenever I play, but I am not playing out so much these days. Let’s revisit this next year and see!

Why do you think that Ibiza is so special?

Yoni Yarchi: Ibiza is a magical place. Everyone who comes to this magical island comes to enjoy good music. People come for the music and to see their favorite artists they admire. There are also parties on the beaches and an overall incredible vibe.

Is a new wave now in industry: doing collaborations between producers . I also wanted to ask you about your collaborations?. Have u done those? With whom?

Yoni Yarchi:  I have collaborated with some in the past, but right now I am focusing on my solo career and also exploring new collaborations. I have a new release coming with a very big artist, someone we all know – but I can’t say who just yet. It’s coming in January — keep a look out for it!

I am always happy to collaborate when I can, and if it feels right. In any case, I am a father of three- so I know what it’s like to collaborate LOL

From where do u get your inspirations?

Yoni Yarchi: Inspiration comes to me from lots of places. It can be from hearing a song on the radio, the ocean, nature, and so on. I always record everything that moves and always carry a professional recording device called Zoom H4N and a microphone to record textures such as rain, the ocean, things breaking, birds and more. If you listen carefully you can hear these things in my music that adds life to it.

Finally, what more can we look forward to from you over the next while?

Yoni Yarchi: New sounds. New music. And some surprising collaborations!

Many thanks for your time…   .

Yoni Yarchi: Thank you for having me, I enjoyed being your guest.

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