Artist: J. Morrison Title: Freedom EP


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Cat No: AD003
Artist: J. Morrison
Title: Freedom EP
Label: Alfresco Disco
Release Date: 8th April 2016

Alfresco Disco are super excited to presentJ. Morrison’s first ever full EP.

J. Morrison smashed it with his debut track on Maximum Joy pt. 1, the highly addictive deep house cut ‘Some Fella’. This mid tempo Afro-house track had that rare combination of being super deep – but with the power to rock any dance floor.

Freedom EP‘, J. Morrison’s first Full EP release is the same, and more.

The lead track calls up a looped and filtered afrobeat sample that just keeps on giving. Reminiscent of Cottam’s early work, and sure to be a hit in the sunshine of a festival stage or a dark club.

‘Stay High’ is more driving, tribal, druggy affair that reminds us of Peace Division in their prime. Late night heads down dance floor vibes, with a killer vocal sample that creates real magic.

‘Soft Play’ is a deeper track and just like ‘Some Fella’ the arrangement and choice of samples create another floor friendly track that will be a useful tool for a wide range of DJs.

Alfresco Disco co-founder Lukas steps up for remix duties and flips the samples of Freedom for a more choppy, chicago style bumping house track – which rounds off the E.P rather nicely we think.

We hope you think so too!



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