Artist Name: Mihai Popoviciu Title: Home LP

Release date: 04-05-2016
Artist Name: Mihai Popoviciu
Title: Home LP
Label: Bondage Music
Catalog Number: BOND12038

Early May will see Mihai Popoviciu return with his second long player in the shape of the ‘Home’ LP on Bondage music, comprising twelve original compositions from the Romanian artist.

Mihai Popoviciu : “The album’s called “home” because it is inspired by my experiences from my home city Sibiu in Romania. Home is also the place where the album was produced, in my stripped down studio. It is where I always return to rest and chill after touring the world and the place where I feel most safe and comfortable. The artwork shows an image of the airport lane in Sibiu with surrounding hills and mountains in the back. It is a metaphoric “gate” to both leave and return home.”

Romania’s Mihai Popoviciu has carved out quite the career over the past decade releasing material through the likes of Highgrade, Hudd Traxx, Poker Flat and Fear of Flying. Here though we see him deliver his second full-length album and return to Bondage Music following a single on the label back in 2013.

Across the project Mihai delivers his signature dance floor focused, stripped back style with records like ‘ACK’, ‘Sandstone Folder’ and ‘Tentacle Operated’ showcasing the hypnotic and percussive style Popoviciu executes so well. The project also drifts into smooth dubby realms via compositions like ‘Cannon Poets’ and ‘Sunshine’ while the likes of ‘Triumph’ and ‘Music 999’ radiantly display Mihai’s proficient production abilities as he wanders into a brighter more house centric sound.

All in all Mihai Popoviciu turns in a coherent long player whilst exploring a broad range of styles, ‘Focus and ‘Havana’ lay down a groove-led feel with subtle modulations and an unfaltering structure, while ‘Data On Data’, ‘Paranoia’ and ‘Hypnosia’ tip the focus over to dark and brooding territories with murky synth pads and chuggy low end tones. Once again Popoviciu has proven himself to be one of Romania’s finest electronic music exports.


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