Artist Name: Nightdrivers Title: A Funny Thang

Release date: 27-03-2017
Artist Name: Nightdrivers
Title: A Funny Thang
Label: Holic Trax
Catalog Number: HT022

The highly repected Holic Trax label is back with a firing new four tracker from Gibraltar duo Nightdrivers aka Mass Prod and Rufus Two.

This pair first came together in 2013 and released on Bosconi Stallions, mixing house classicism with swinging garage vibes to great effect. Characterised by MPC work, quirky sound effects, mysterious and spooky melodic parts and striking 909 and 808 rhythm programming, the duo inject real freshness into the house world so it is no wonder they have been snapped up by the taste-making Holic.

Opening up the account is ‘A Funny Thang’, a wonderfully wonky affair from the off, with weird synths and bleepy melodies wrestling with a flute line for your attention. When the drums arrive they are bouncy and elastic and the inventive, off kilter track then gets riddled with curious vocal samples and sounds straight from Alice in Wonderland, such is its loveable oddness. The sumptuous ‘Stressed Out’ is more traditional, with warm drums and pads all making for a rich and inviting deep house groove that swirls with late night romance.

On the flip, ‘Rising’ marries funky little guitar riffs, jazzy Rhodes chords a la Moodymann and rattling drums and perc that all encourage you to cut loose. It’s an expressive and freeform house jam that is impossible to ignore. Last of all, ‘Funny Dub Ya Know’ is a dubbier, hard hitting version of the opening track that has withering sax lines and cut-up vocals all disorientating you as the drums thump along below.

This is a truly original and arresting EP that breathes lots of new life into some killer house grooves.


1. A1 A Funny Thang
2. A2 Stressedout
3. B1 Rising (Vinyl Only)
4. B2 Funny Dub Ya Know



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