Artist Name: Various Artists Title: Dots & Pearls 4 – mixed by Markus Fix

Release date: 14-04-2017
Artist Name: Various Artists
Title: Dots & Pearls 4 – mixed by Markus Fix
Label: Cocoon
Catalog Number: Cormix055

Cocoon’s annual in-house compilation Dots and Pearls is back for a fourth instalment in April 2017, and mixing it up this year is the label favourite Markus Fix.

Once again, the 12 track compilation shows that Sven Väth’s titanic label never sticks to one style, instead it roams through the underground, setting its very own agenda. With a distinct focus on freshness, label artist Markus Fix calls upon a wide range of artists as well as four brand new and exclusive cuts that will be released on a separate digital and vinyl EP.

The four brand new additions follow the basic Cocoon concept and label philosophy with their great diversity and unequal styles. Fix himself contributes one, as do his colleagues Argy, Christian Burkhardt and Jimi Jules, and between them they touch on acid house, ‘80s flavoured retro sounds and compositions with a deeply hypnotic, cinematic vibe.
Things kick off with a Roman Flügel remix of Sven Vath’s cult 80s electro tune ‘Electric Salsa’ from his days with the OFF group. It’s an electric cut with wobbly bass and wild synths that leads into more supple and subtle fair from Mirko Loko, tender and emotional deep techno from Wouter De Moor and then one of Tim Green’s always standout and frazzled cuts.
Moving through playful pop-techno, hypnotic main room beats and a Kölsch remix of Sven’s ‘Robots’, things never stay in one place too long and instead smoothly and effortlessly switch up the mood and colour in truly engaging ways. After building to a textured and kinetic peak with the likes of Einzelkind & Robin Scholz and Chymera, the energy is then masterfully dissipated with one of Lawrence’s tender adult lullabies and you want to start the whole thing again.
Dots and Pearls is the sound of Cocoon right now, and it is a sound that is as essential as ever.

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1. OFF feat. Sven Väth – Electrica Salsa (Roman Flügel Remix)
2. Mirko Loko – Artificiel
3. Wouter De Moor – Tesla Coil
4. Tim Green – Among Wolves
5. Christian Burkhardt – Karambolage (exclusive track)
6. Jimi Jules – Euphrasia (exclusive track)
7. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz pres. Rhythm Factory – N.2guts
8. Chymera – 7 Hours
9. Markus Fix – Baroon (exclusive track)
10. Sven Väth – Robot (Kölsch Remix)
11. Argy – How Late It Was, How Late (exclusive track)
12. Ricardo Tobar – Red Light (Lawrence Remix)

The four exclusive tracks will be released on COR12145 (12“ Vinyl / Digital)


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