Artist: Truce Title: Be There/Uhh

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Cat No: LDN059
Artist: Truce
Title: Be There/Uhh
Label: Keysound
Release Date: 4th March 2016

If you’ve driven past club flyposters in London, you’ll have clocked the energy coming from the successor to UK funky scene, deeptech. “Be There/Uhh” by east London’s Truce sees the first Keysound release to come from this vast, vibrant and under-reported underground movement.

Truce has had releases on deeptech labels AudioWhore and SOTU Recordings, DJ support from EZ, Mark Radford, Supa D, Pioneer, Cameo, Ras Kwame, Amine Edge, Shiba San and bookings from London to Ibiza, Tenerife to Amsterdam.

He sites Kenny Dope, Frankie Knuckles, Marc Kitchen, Dennis Ferrera as his house music influences. “Though most important is my Dad who was doing music before I was born” insists Truce. “Studio time with him was my biggest influence.” His dad is Calypso artist Shorty.

Linear, 4×4 and driving: on one hand this 12” could be seen as representing a departure for Keysound Recordings. Yet on the other dive into “Be There” and “Uhh” and you find two hypnotic bassy rollers, estranged cousins to both Beneath’s Keysound EP or LFO’s “LFO”.

Not that either of these are explicit reference points to Truce, as like the deeptech scene, he’s rooted firmly in the here and now.

• Truce “Be There/Uhh” will be out on 12” and digital on Keysound Recordings on 4th March.



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