Cadenza meets Japan:Takuya Yamashita


We had the pleasure of talking with newest producer added to music juggernaut Cadenza: Takuya Yamashita.

KNOBS MAGAZINE: If I could take you back to the beginning and ask you what first drew you to electronic music?

TAKUYA: I like electronic sound by arcade game sound and music at early teens. I have been interrested in electronic music at 22 years old.I have begun to listen to british techno that my friend told me for example 808state,The Grid,The global communication,Orbital,etc…At the same time I have begun to make techno tracks.

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  In your career you’ve seen a lot of changes. What changes do you think have been for the better and is there anything you’d like to change back?

TAKUYA: This is the good change that more people have listened to my tracks Because my track released from big labels and famous DJs have been played my tracks.There is nothing to change back!

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  How has the your sound developed since it first entered the international consciousness several years ago? Why do you think it became such a phenomenon?

TAKUYA: I keep using only one equipment(Reason2.5) since 10 years ago. So my sounds didn’t developed by equipment. I think that the development was influenced by other exellent producer’s superb tracks and that during this 10 years I overcame hardship on my life. It is only good fortune to spread my tracks over the world!

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  How important do you think the internet and social media is breaking new artists into the scene?

TAKUYA:  I think that it plays very important role. In the case of me,that is so! I promote my tracks on the internet and social media mainly.

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  Where was your first gig? How did it go?

TAKUYA: In 2002 I performed first line set at Precious Hall in Sapporo. I used only i Book installed propellerhead Reason2.5.

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  Tell us what are your favourite bits of kit both to play live and produce with in the studio? (Do run analogue, digital or a mixture of the both?) Is there a special or any unusual process you go through when building tracks?

TAKUYA: I answered while ago ,I keep using only propellerhead Reason2.5 since 10 years ago. I think that there is no process specially or unusually. But I don’t know that how did other producers made tracks in detail…

KNOBS MAGAZINE:   Do you feel that mixing on vinyl is a dying art?

TAKUYA: I don’t have the qualifications to answer it. Because I’m not professional DJ. Someone says that mixing on vinyl has special feeling and someone says that digital brings a same result as vinyl more easier to use. I think that everyone should go ahead through the way which believes in!

KNOBS MAGAZINE:   How do you feel the rise of digital software has help breed a new generation of electronic music?

Takuua: It is very nice! It is important that not what they use, but how they use.

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  How do you go about set building? Off the cuff organic mixes or do you have a rough plan for where you’re playing? Where are your favourite places to play? Couple of tracks which u want to mention?

TAKUYA: I answered while ago ,I’m not professional DJ. If I will get an opportunity of playing in future, I will have a rough plan. At that time I want to mix besides club music! (for example classical music) If our schedules match, I am thinking to go anywhere!!

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  2013 has been the year of the collaboration. Are there any collaborations we’ll be seeing you engaging in the near future?

TAKUYA: Definitely!! I will prepare some tracks …

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  If you could play literally anywhere and with anyone where would you play and who with?

TAKUYA: At Detroit with UR!!

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  Can you tell us a few names of producers’ work you are really enjoying at the moment?

TAKUYA: Now I’m interested in Rumanian deep house, but I don’t know there name…Always my favorite producers are UR,Moritz von Ozwald,Surgeon etc…

KNOBS MAGAZINE:  Where our readers can catch you next?

TAKUYA:  I can’t tell the particular, I made some remixes of game music for Japanese major company and I prepare some tracks for my new EP from some label. I have some side project named Censor(Hard and deep minimal),Ludus tonalis(Electronica),Minstrel T.Y(Instrumental music besides club music)I have no plan to release EP by these projects yet…But I want to release some tracks at next year! At last this year I will performe live act at Panorama in Osaka Japan.(

If you will come to Osaka at that time,please join us!!

KNOBS MAGAZINE: Thank you kindly for your invitation.


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