Christian Burkhardt Wrecking EP

German groove master Christian Burkhardt returns to Hottrax with another essential release entitled ‘Wrecking EP’ featuring three stripped back cuts.


Burkhardt is in a real purple patch of form right now, with big collaborative releases on Do Not Sleep, Leftroom and Celesta. Always cooking up fresh new minimal house sounds that are expertly produced, he blends dance floor clout with plenty of cinematic sound design and does that again here.


The brilliant ‘Wrecking Loop’ opens things with a mangled bassline and twisted synths that contorting around each other to trippy, hypnotic effect. It’s a freaky afterparty vibe to melt minds, then ‘Bass Love’ locks you in a bulbous bass loop as smartly treated vocals bring soul and diva attitude. It’s a pumping, full fat cut designed to make you sweat. Finishing off a superb EP is ‘Swiffer’, this tie with unresolved loops of knotted, rasping bass, melting vocals and loose percussion that are perfect for cosy backroom sessions.


Christian Burkhardt drops ‘Wrecking EP’ on Hottrax on 4th October 2019.




01 Wrecking Loop
02 Bass Love
03 Swiffer


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