Cristian Varela, first international DJ to launch his Fan Token with Vip2Fan

Cristian Varela, first international DJ to launch his Fan Token with Vip2Fan

.International DJ Cristian Varela has launched worldwide today his Fan Token through the Vip2Fan platform. But what is a Fan Token?
A Fan Token is a collectible digital asset with a store of value, which can also be exchanged for unique experiences through Vip2Fan’s own Exchange, users who holder their Fan Tokens over time will be rewarded with discounts and unique experiences. Either action will have rewards of its own, but over time fans who collect tokens and retain them the longest will be rewarded.
Cristian Varela is recognised as one of Spain’s pioneering techno producers and promoters with a career spanning over 25 years. He has been one of the first Spanish DJs to perform at the most important festivals in the world, such as Ultra Music Festival Miami, Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Exit, I Love Techno or Creamfields among many others. He has also been composing soundtracks for film, theatre, advertising and entertainment since 1986. He was named Best Techno DJ in 2007 and 2013 (DJ Awards).
With this impressive track record he has decided to trust and build his own Fan Token hand in hand with the Vip2Fan platform for different reasons, but mostly because Cristian’s goals are in line with the values that Vip2Fan stands for.
Vip2Fan is building the world’s largest platform that will connect celebrities with their fans. Creating a new source of income for them and exclusive experiences for their fans.
All of this is supported by their own blockchain technology, which allows them to create a Fan Token for Vips in 24 hours, at virtually no cost and 100% scalable. In this way, they securely unify the products and services of Vips on a single platform. Vip2Fan has its own application, which will be released in the coming days, its own cryptocurrency (V2F Coin), its own Exchange and its own search engine that allows to visualize all transactions that occur in its blockchain and guarantees the transparency of these.
Vip2Fan seeks to recover the “fan club” phenomenon that had been lost over time with the massification of celebrities and social networks. To achieve this, the Vip2Fan team is made up of professional experts in different areas such as marketing, technology and direct contact with the Vips.
As a summary of the project, one of its founders perfectly explains the core values of Vip2Fan: “All projects based on blockchain technology think about crypto communities with certain knowledge. We also think about the end user, so that they can use all our services in a natural and simple way, without changing their consumption habits”. Dimitri Arroba, Co-Founder of Vip2Fan.
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