David Mayer & Floyd Lavine Sondela EP

David Mayer & Floyd Lavine have previously released on the connected label as individuals but now they do so together on their own brilliant collaborative EP.

A founding member of Keinemusik and prolific DJ and remixer, Mayer previously appeared on connected with a remix of ‘Lust’ as well as his solo Drained EP. South African Lavine, meanwhile, has also appeared remixing ‘L.D.O.E.’ after other outings on Dogmatik, Rise and Upon.You, and gigs at the likes of Watergate and Glastonbury.

Stirring opener ‘Sondela’ feat. Xolisa is a beautiful, almost nomadic journey through pulsing beats, tense percussion and snatches of electrifying music. Together it evokes a celebration of earth, water and sun with dramatic percussive breakdowns and massive synth drones all topped with a powerful vocal urging the listener to ‘follow the Sound,’ maybe to the magical Sondela. It all makes for a truly a thrilling and compulsive ride.

The masterfully atmospheric ‘XI’ is a deep, smokey and pulsing late night percussive dance floor thriller with mysterious synth lines. Bringing to mind urban dystopia, it is a steamy and intoxicating brew that will be a perfect call-to-action for the dance floor.

Floyd Lavine then serves up a perfect Drumversion of ‘Sondela’ that is stripped down, emphasising the bare beats, percussion and vocal which create a real tribal atmosphere. The emotive journey then comes as an instrumental without vocals but featuring the same sense of hypnotism.

Once again connected serve up unique and original house music with a wide sphere of worldly influences.


1. Sondela feat.Xolisa
2. XI
3. Sondela feat.Xolisa (Floyd Lavine Drumversion)
4. Sondela feat.Xolisa (Instrumental)


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