DEAF PILLOW finds a home on Kindisch! With good reason, their latest 3 track EP ‘Foundation’ brings a whole lotta’ heat and in a solid groove.

Open the door with a deep, tech-house title track, introduce yourself to the dark vibe and get yourself acquainted with it. There’s more to come. ‘Foundation’ brings the heat slowly but surely and sets it inside of a mystic atmosphere perfect for the late night affair we’ve come to expect from Kindisch.

‘Backwards’ lightens the mood ever so slightly with upbeat percussion steadily driving the track while the smooth bass line rattles your insides.

Rounding of the EP with an energetic track is the way DEAF PILOW do it. ‘Can’t Stop’ opens right up with a crunchy beat and lays down some vocal cuts to widen the track and raise the energy further into the night. A fitting conclusion to a spectacular release by DEAF PILLOW.

Release Date: June, 19th 2013



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