DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren I Feel Love (Monkey Safari Remix)

DJ Pierre feat. Chic LorenI Feel Love (Monkey Safari Remix)

As Monkey Safari’s Body Language 24 fast approaches, Get Physical serve up another single from it.

German pair Monkey Safari are known for their exotic and intoxicating house sounds. They have been teasing plenty of the tracks from their much anticipated new mix for home label Get Physical and this time out they are in remix mode.

Here they draw on their considerable studio know-how to serve up a remix of DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren’s ‘I Feel Love.’ Chicago-born Pierre is of course a legend by any standards – the godfather of acid house, the man behind the iconic W!ld Pitch remixes, Acid Afro label head and an enduring innovator whose name will forever be intrinsically linked to the story of dance music itself.

The Monkey Safari remix is a slow-burning but moving track with rolling drums and exquisite cosmic synth craft up top. The original iconic vocal from Donna Summer is sung by Chic Loren with a more angelic edge and the whole thing makes for a transcendental dance floor experience.

Also included is the ‘1979 Disco Club Mix’ which was first released on DJ Pierre’s album ‘Wild Pitch: The Story’. The mix has more texture and raw old-school energy, the synths are prickly and serrated, the drums hit hard and the whole thing is a more direct workout.

This is another mouthwatering package from both Monkey Safari and the Body Language mix.


01 DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren – I Feel Love (Monkey Safari Remix)
02 DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren – I Feel Love (1979 Disco Club Mix)


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