Doyeq – Cathedral EP [MAMA011] 

MAMA011 - Doyeq - Cathedral EP

Doyeq – Cathedral EP [MAMA011] 
Release Date: February 22nd, 2018 
1. Doyeq – Another Day 
2. Doyeq – Cathedral 
3. Doyeq – Damp Thoughts 
4. Doyeq – Cathedral (Audiofly Remix) 
5. Doyeq – Damp Thoughts (Love Over Entropy’s M is for Moody Remix) 
San Francisco’s Manjumasi kicks off 2018 with one of the label’s most majestic releases to date. The
“Cathedral EP” from Moscow duo Doyeq features three originals and a pair of remixes by veteran
producers Audiofly and Love Over Entropy.
The first tune “Another Day” opens the EP with a deep melodic tinge, soft stringy pads setting the
mood as a solid groove builds its way into the track. A steady progression gives way to a beautiful
melodic interlude, laced with lush but subtle vocals. Next up is the title track “Cathedral,” which moves
into darker territories with a brooding string section layered over an insistent bass-driven groove. Finally,
“Damp Thoughts” showcases Doyeq’s range, with a lo-fi groove that explores the edges of their sonic
palette, meshing silky analog instruments with frayed digital artifacts.
The first remix comes from hugely respected duo Audiofly, a toughened up interpretation of Cathedral
that situates the sanctuary squarely on the dance floor with an upfront kick and bass section that adds
late night edge. On the other end of the spectrum, Love Over Entropy offers a beautifully textured and
sweetly-tinged “M is for Moody” remix of Damp Thoughts, an emotionally mature and complex effort
which is at once haunting and gently reassuring.


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