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London artists Ben Gibson and Fundamental Interaction come together as Dyad once more for some blistering techno on their own self-titled label.


Since 2014, this UK duo have been combining forces as Dyad. Between them they have many years of experience playing cult parties like VOID, releasing on pioneering label like Perc Trax and generally bringing plenty of arresting new perspectives, moods and textures to techno. When working together they hone in on a relentless sound with deeper elements hidden within.


The intense, beatless opener ‘Zaum’ keeps you locked in suspense as haunting synths zither backwards and forwards, then ’Surface Detail’ lands fully formed on hulking great kicks with dystopian lasers searching across its face as things built to a frantic peak before kicking once again. ‘No End In Sight’ is another hypnotic track with a solid drum foundation detailed with swirling pads that bring light to the dark and suggest menace around every corner.


The dark and shadowy ’Bayesian Interface’ combines a firmly rooted rhythm with loose, jangling synth lines that bring a sense of imbalance and imperfection to proceedings. Beauty comes through the repetition as you lose all sense of direction, and finally ‘Discrete Symmetry’ is an edgy techno thriller with backlit chords bring a feeling of ghoulish tenor and unease that keeps you on your toes.


Dyad ‘Surface Detail’ drops on Dyad Records on 1st November 2019.




1. Zaum
2. Surface Detail
3. No End in Sight
4. Bayesian Inference
5. Discrete Symmetry


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