Flod Gate (Flavio Lodetti Story)

Gabor Szeles , A&R for Witty tunes , posted today a very interesting post relating Mr Flavio Lodetti / Flod tracks.










Seems that this post started a whole crazyness regarding Mr.Lodetti’s past works. Tracks stolen from other fellow producers , also multiple releases under different name . Is a very shameful way to build your name in the industry. Safrasgate just passed through us like a hurricane so another one is just quite a surprise so early in the year. This year we thought that the fever of fakerism , cutting corners and acting like a bully is over but seems more and more evident that the industry needs a toilet cleaning from time to time. Even though Flavio Lodetti is a veteran producer and may or may not have the skills to produce tunes we would never think that this could happen in today’s industry. Shazam is a sure thing and the tracks can be identified quite easyly so we fail to understand the logic .

Couple of tunes as examples:

Multiple label owners are reporting and confirming that the tracks which were signed from Mr. Lodetti were stolen from different other producers and he just changed the names .

We will keep u updated with the status of the events.





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