Funkystepz Narcotics

Cat no: FLY010
Artist: Funkystepz
Title: Narcotics
Label: Forever Live Young
Release Date: 24th June 2013

London based Funkystepz follow on from their Hyperdub releases and Amsterdam Girls Go Wild with Narcotics, an exemplary four­tracker on their own label F.L.Y (Forever Live Young).

Narcotics reflects the UK Bass Trio’s established hybridity through their amalgamation of elements from the gamut of UK Bass music. The EP opens with their signature broken rhythms and bashy UK sound as Givenchy carries forth a typical degree of intensity with tight percussion, signature stabs and an evolving bass line.

Ringer follows with a filtered drum break leading into a series of heaving bass tones. Fuelled by jocular vocals and big room laser stabs Ringer is solidified as a heavyweight track fit for prime time dance floor.

Butterfly drives a heavy break under an eminent Grime vocal, climbing in pitch and intensity towards a half time drop. Butterfly’s dense and chunky percussion, whilst blended with the sportive synth line carries forth the intensity founded by it’s predecessors.

The compilation is closed with a more House orientated sound, Shutdown layers polyrhythms and synth­swapping motifs towards a gargantuan breakdown that works to further galvanise Narcotics as a crossbred collection of pugilistic crowd pleasers.


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