Horatio – Making music is a job , playing it is a calling

At the end of this year we picked up romanian techno tycoon HORATIO for an exclusive interview.


Hey hello hello . Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We know you have a really busy schedule so we would like to start with some things related to you. Tell us a bit of your thing , you have been on a roll almost all year long :

Well i was really busy managing my 3 labels: Natural Rhythm , Waldliebe Familien , Quanticman Records , gigs and creating new music. All was heavy on me towards the end of the year but now i am picking the apples from the tree. 

I wanted to start by talking about your local scene?

 The local scene in Bacau (my hometown) is rolling in this moment. There are a lot of producers and djs who are representing our city : Raresh , Barac , Egal 3 aka Vid , Dubtil , Vincentiu Iulian , Elchinsoul , GruuvElement’s , Sebastian Eric , M-Phunk , Raltz , Marcman , Larisse Van Doorn and many more.


You have a lot this year , what’s it like for electronic music in other cities like Berlin, Ibiza , etc compared ?

Well each city has its own charm . I can give u an short example: Novi sad. Even though is not a big city the guys from there really like to play it hard and maintain the techno spirit. Paris has a special flavour and of course Ibiza is total smasher. Is the perfect place for musicians to share their values and more. 

When did you become a dj?

My first tryings where in 1996. Was very young and my friends had a lot to suffer for listening me in the begining. Hahhahahha . Is like that all the time with all the guys . We think in the begining that we are so cool but we are lame. After many hours u become more aware of the music , people and club things. 

When did you become a producer?

Well in 2000 my brother who was dj at that time aproached me for making some extended versions for some tunes. From that point my passion for making music ignited. I started learning fast: reason , cakewalk sonar ,  pro tools and later on ableton , logic and maschine . For some reason i never liked fl studio. It sounded a bit childish and i was looking for a more mature sound.

What’s your first ep releasead as Horatio?

My first ep was “Everygodfather has a godfather” releasead on Monique Musique. In the begining i was sending materials to Mihalis Safras to get them signed to Material Series and he guided me to this wonderful label. 

What was your first breakthrough?

My breakthrough came in 2009 when i releasead on Steve Lawler’s imprimt “Viva Music” my ep called Sing with swing. When i saw first time Locodice playing it i was totally in. 

Tell us a bit about the remix for Riva Starr?

Well Riva Starr (Stefano) liked a lot my productions and he asked me to remix this incredible bomb tune he was just about to release called i was drunk. It become a huge succes and had massive responses and also the remixes were incredible. I felt totally blessed to be part of this lovely ep. 

What about your second coming on Viva Music? Ramayana ?

Ramayana was a very cool thing. Is a huge collaboration between me and the italian super group sinc.  Carlo Lio and Darius Syrossian did such a huge remixes that we still got until today people playing them. Just too dam amazing. 

Since u mentioned Darius Syrossian ? Tell us a bit more about his remix on your label Natural Rhythm?

We met personally in Iasi at XS Club the Natural Rhythm showcase and we decided to work something out. He remixed Chicago Tales which made a very impact (Heidi played in her Radio1 BBC set) and i did a remix for his label . For that i am very grateful that i met a special person. A true producer , pioneer and an amazing dj. Darius is the man….. 

Natural Rhythm is special part of your life? How did u come with that? Does it has a special sound or you sign whatever people send u?

Natural Rhythm was born in 3 year hiatus in Berlin. It follows a more down to earth deep , tech stuff . For more oldschool ,techno we have Waldliebe Familien and for more experimental , minimal we have Quanticman Records. 

Quite a selection of stars in the 1 year of Natural Rhythm?

Indeed. Since it was our bday we selected 23 special tunes for a special double cd that was releasead on a very limited edition. We wanted people to feel that is something truly special with it so we brought the best ones in the industry all in one place .

In 2011 we saw you on the Vagabundos cd. An awesome remix from Reboot on it? How did it happen?

I got signed a track called mi nombre on the Definition Records (Many thanks to Dimitri Schnider for that) and they fixed this awesome remix. Such a great honor and privilege to be remixed by Frank (Reboot). 

We saw that you did releases with your wife Larisse? Is it a familly bussines or just a simple collaboration ?

My wife Larisse is not just my wife , is my friend , my confident , studio partener , A&R at the label. She works really hard to help me in my endeavour. We made a special track called Cuore and we releasead it on our own label Quanticman Records. So it is a bit of both familly bussines and collaboration.

Let’s talk about that huge tune from Desolat: How much 909 can u take? What was the ideea behind it? How did u get it to be signed on Desolat?

I was a very big fan of the classic techno , acid era. I wanted to do a track like that. I started my 909 kit from maschine and everything that went further more was great. I finished the tune , i played it in Berlin and had a monster reaction so i decided to send to Desolat . Dice and Vladimir sign it for their 5 year compilation and it went huge: Locodice , Squillace , Luciano and represented by second big break in the underground industry. 

Talking about collaborations , tell us about Hector Moralez & Horatio ep1 on Circus Recordings?

I went to nearby city to hear Hector playing and i was instantly hooked . I didnt dared to go and talk with him directly (i am still a bit shy about those things) so i contacted him later via internet.We hade these two wonderful tunes called: Jazzistan and Kangaroos. Jazzistan had a marvelous impact on the crowd. We loved the jazzy feeling from it. It had such a great organic sound and it added another dimension to the techno music. Just too sweet. It recieved a lot of support from the industry greatest: Yousef , Carl Cox , John Digweed and we were very happy about that. 

We covered some part of your career as producer? Tell us who you would mention as well ?

My first mention would be CHUS&CEBALLOS . I was a very big fan of their work since late 90’s . For me was a huge honor to get my stuff signed to their label Stereo Production. 

My second mention would be CARLO LIO . I did a lovely track which got signed on his label RAWTHENTIC

My third mention would be DEGREE RECORDS. Markus and Mirko are doing a one hell of a job there. Respect 

We heard a rumour? Is it true that u will do a release with Chus & Ceballos?

Yes it will be out in february i think with a bomb remix from Nathan Barato. I am very happy to do this collaboration with these great artists. I ll keep u updated more when i have more info. 

Wandering in Ibiza we heard on an unknown terrace a tune , we shazamed it and we found it . It was your latest Viva Music ep with your partner Gruia called Ritual. Give us some inside hints about it?

Me and Gruia had a 2 year working relationship . He releasead a major ep on my label called Malediction and we decided to do something together. This is how Cradle in the wind was born. We worked back and forth until we achieved that sound that we wanted it for us and we sent to Viva Music cause we considered that was the perfect home for this. 

So you returned to Circus Recordings once again? How does it feel?

I had a sense of accomplishement . I met personally Yousef in Ibiza and he was such a great guy. We (me and gruia) were impatiently waiting this one as we had asome major support on it very early .

Future plans?

Well i have planned releases from december to may. In december with my partner Gruia on Circus , in january i am doing one ep on the Under No Illusion and an bomb underground ep with SEBASTIAN ERIC on Quanticman Records , in february i do this incredible ep with Chus & Ceballos , in march i have releases fixed for two labels : Monza Ibiza and on Deeperfect , in april we target Music for freaks (Freaks’ label) , may i target a release with the italian wonder dj dep (this is gonna be a huge summer hit) and we have something more but we cant give u that info yet as we are waiting for confirmation and contract as well .  

Let’s return to your dj days. What do you remember most fondly about the scene in your home town?

My first gig at Zebra Club. Was a total sound impact for me.

Which notorious dj had a big influence on you then?  What others DJs were too?

Mihalis Safras, Locodice , Steve Lawler , Yousef , Carl Cox and also my brother Ovidiu as well. 

If you would pick 5 tunes what would be those?






How do u do your own musical selection : Do you follow some producers or select what comes and goes?

 Honestly i prefer to select and create my own style. I dont like to follow other djs. I like to listen them but i dont like to copy their playlists . 

Dj set or live set?

 In this moment dj set . In near future will be a live set for sure. 

Tell us a bit about your gear? What do you use for mixing / live set?

2 x1 plus maschine mikro plus mac book pro .  

Clubs or festivals?

 Both. U need to feel big crowds as well as small crowds. 

One gig that u never forgot?

 Warehouse Project Manchester . Playing at Maya Jane Cole album launch was huge for me. 
 Playing in Romania for the Sound of the future was sure a bomb 

Why do you think that Ibiza is so special? From the dj point of view?

I think it is a closed space where you can meet only people who are in the industry and more .  When you come to Ibiza , you know for what you came. 

From where do u get your inspirations?

Usually from the Nature. From the mother nature. I am trying to be as organic as i can. 

Finally, what more can we look forward to from you over the next while?

New eps , new gigs , maybe a book (if i can find the proper time to finish it) and some more music related stuff. 


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