Horatio is making waves in the past months  with his productions and we asked him about the 10 tracks that will rock Ibiza 2016:



HORATIO – TRIBAL STATE OF MIND / Is one of the best tunes i ever produced. Huge thanks to Carl Cox , Roger Sanchez , H.O.S.H and rest of the people who played it and supported it.

ROGER SANCHEZ – MORNING PRAYER / One of the best tunes i have listend in the past 10 years. Roger Sanchez is better then his hype and thats a fact.

REBOOT – 12 PM / Frank needs no introduction . He is a tech wizzard and true musician. Amazing hooks.

XAVIER ARAK FEAT MARIANNA NASSA – A CHANGE DARKO DE JAN REMIX/ Got some promos from Darko and i loved his style. His warmness and rhythm reminds me of Lee Burridge – Wongel a lot.

MATHIAS MEYER – LA STRINGS / Mathias is a master of the sinths and leads . I was instantly hooked by this tune.

KINTAR – COMPLEX SPECIES / Kintar has a special touch for bomb tunes so this one is a summer jam.

KHUBU – SPACES / One of the best tunes i have ever signed . Watchout for Khubu . Is one of the tracks that will make waves.

MR BOSCO – JAZZY LIFE / Juan is a long time part of the Ibiza underground culture. His music is unique and his techno with deep aproach is awesome.

CLEAVE MARTINEZ – VORTICE / Cleave sent me this a while back and i was stunned by the hook. If u want to hear a special tune this is the one.

IBAN MENDOZA – I HATE THIS DJ / Iban and I are close friends and when he sent me this as promo for playing i knew that i got to sign it for my label Natural Rhythm. Stay tunned on his album SENSACIONES is just too dam amazing.


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