Human By Default founders Bedouin rework ‘Li Beirut’ by Fairouz with 100% of proceeds being donated to SEAL in support of the crisis in Beirut.

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The explosion in Beirut on August 4th killed at least 200 people with thousands more injured during a time when Lebanon is facing its worst economic crisis, COVID-19 and unprecedented levels of poverty and hunger. Businesses, schools, and hospitals have been destroyed, whilst 300,000 have been left homeless.

Legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz has always been a star in the Middle East and has historically been a symbol of Lebanon, channelled through her timeless song ‘Li Beirut’. Bedouin have produced a 2020 Rework: ​a soothing, downtempo cut where Fairouz’s incomparable voice shines through glistening synths and an intricate rhythm, joined by serene harmonies and compelling melodies.

‘The beautiful city of Beirut has always been a very special place for us since the start. We’ve been visiting and playing there for the past 7 years and every single time was more special than the time before. The warmth of its people and the amount of love they give is always humbling. We hope this track can be a part of the never-ending soundtrack of love and peace in Lebanon and the region.’
– Bedouin

Available only via Bandcamp, all proceeds of this single are being donated to SEAL who have funded 168 projects in all corners of Lebanon since launching 22 years ago. The charity has directly and significantly impacted the lives of over 32,000 families from some of Lebanon’s most under-served communities.

Fairouz ‘Li Beirut’ (Bedouin 2020 Tribute Rework) is available to buy exclusively from Bedouin’s Bandcamp today.


01 Li Beirut (Bedouin 2020 Tribute Rework)


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