Indigo Kidz House EP (inc Affie Yusuf remix)


Indigo Kidz


House EP (inc Affie Yusuf remix)







After releasing their debut production on a Various Artists EP back in late March, Indigo Kidz aka Mr.C & Affie Yusuf are now making a full debut on the former’s Superfreq label. Their ‘House EP’ was made in a London studio, was inspired by love, family and friendship and calls on hardware gear including Virus, Nord Lead 2 and a 303 for its authentic sound.
Little needs to be said of dance impresario Mr C, whilst his partner in crime here is undergoing a second coming having spent 20 years in the game running things like the seminal tech house outlet Ferox Records, a label that unpretentiously annihilated dance floors throughout the 90s, and more recently the Laila Music imprint. In that time Affie Yusuf has also released on a range of labels like Tragic magic, BBE, Mind Your Head and many others.
The first cut the pair offer here is the title track, ‘House’, a dark and moody cut built on a writhing bassline and alive with the classic cowbell sounds of an 808. Imbued with plenty of late night eeriness there’s a poise and balance to the track, which keeps you locked until the last beat. Affie also provides a slightly more raw and edgy dub version for the freakier moments on the ‘floor.
‘Raining Deep’ is a deep space brew of gurgling synths, frazzled analogue lines and crisp drums that grows ever more twisted throughout its course. The melodies indeed drip down like rain and the scraping percussion add a coarse edge to the smoothness of the pads.
Finally, ‘Entrance’ is the deepest of the lot, prowling down a darkened street late at night with pinging cowbells, shape shifting pads and clattering percussion all inviting you down the rabbit hole and keeping you there. Though this pair have decades of experience, this EP proves them to be well ahead of the crowd with their own unique and mystical house sound.


1. House
2. House (Affie Dub)
3. Raining Deep
4. Entrance



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