Jay Pei Ocean of Stars (incl. Kohra remix)

Jay Pei returns to Qilla with his Ocean of Stars EP, which includes two cinematic melodic techno originals, a remix by label head Kohra and a very special reprise version with Poland’s talented classical violinist Karolina Beimcik.

Jay Pei has been playing these tracks for a while and has already received some great responses, while his last EP on this label also went viral on various techno channels. He says “​The idea was to work on a follow-up to my earlier release on Qilla Records and to make a track in a similar soundscape but influenced by the music of the Middle East. It took a while to come up with the melody but in the end I think I had exactly what I wanted emotionally. It’s evocative and captivating! I had no intention of making a reprise version of it but again most amazing things happen when you least expect it.”

‘Ocean of Stars’ washes over you with lush chords and epic synths, it’s dramatic and heart swelling during the breakdown and when the groove kicks again it carries you away to the cosmos. ‘Antimatter’ is darker, with a taut bass line and plenty of edginess in the melodic techno moods that unfold. Filled with subtle details and a fantastic sense of sound design, it is more elegant work from Pei. First to remix ‘Ocean of Stars’ is label head Kohra who reimagines it as a delicate and twinkling techno roller, with broad synths and rubbery bass down low. The lead is enchanting indeed and helps make this another standout remix.

Pei met brilliant vocalist and violinist Karolina at the Global Music institute where he teaches music technology. They got together instinctively and the results on the ‘​Ocean of Stars’ (Reprise) are special indeed. It is a track filled with suspense and cinematic narrative, lush chords and heartbreaking Middle Eastern instrumentals that truly move you.

This is timeless, musical techno of the highest order.


1. Jay Pei – Ocean of Stars (Original Mix)
2. Jay Pei – Antimatter (Original Mix)
3. Jay Pei – Ocean of Stars (Kohra Remix)
4. Jay Pei, Karolina Beimcik – Ocean of Stars (Reprise)


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