Knobs Magazine Interview Series: Chris Wood & Meat

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Hello ! Thanks for being here with us.Can you tell us your artist name?
S:. Chris Wood & Meat

Chris Wood :

Meat :


Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: We’re here to talk about dance music, clubbing, the dj world and, above everything else, to talk about you. Let’s start from the beginning: you’re from…?Tell us a bit about your country? City? The scene from there?
S: We are from Frankfurt, Germany. It is a city with a long tradition for electronic music and it is still happening. In the past big names like Sven Väth build up the scene. Nowadays we have big parties from the Bad Boys Club crew, from Freebase Records or from the upcoming generation collective Hard Work Soft Drink. Clubs like Robert Johnson or Tanzhaus West are on top of the list at the moment.

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Your passion for music: how did it all began? And, how and why did you decide to become a dj&producer?
S: Chris Wood was influenced by the club scene at the beginning of the 90`. Meat started early the recordstore Freebase. So it was a logic conclusion to start spinning records.


Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: House, Techno, Minimal… Let’s talk about your music!
S:. We play what we like and we like a lot!

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: and about your label…Do you have one? Do you intend to open one?
S: We have the label Freebase Records what is part of the shop. But let‘s see what the future brings. Maybe there will be new imprints…!

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Traditional (vinyl, cds) or technologic (Ableton Live, Traktor, ecc): What type of Dj are you? And Why?
S: We still run a record store, that`s one reason why we play vinyl and cds. The feeling and the sound from vinyl is much deeper and it‘s much much easier to find a tune in a recordbag after a couple of drinks then on a computer or a stick…haha!!
We love VINYL!!


Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Ok, let’s talk about your exhibitions. What’s like being THE Dj and play your music in front of a dancing crowd?
S: The best feeling you can have as a DJ is, when you don‘t need to think about what you gonna play next. Just go with the flow and let the people freak out.

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Exhibitions, studio sessions, etc. Describe us your typical, busy, working day.
S: During the week we run the store, at the weekend we play and in between we try to go to the studio. You see….no time at all 🙂

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Did you ever play in Romania? If so, what’s your impression about Romania’s underground scene?
S: Yes, we both played in Romania in the past and we love the scene. Romanian people are really into electronic music and very open minded. We always felt in good hands !


Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: One performance to remember?
S: Kristal Club Bukarest and of course the Sunwave Festival!

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: And the strangest place you ever played in?
S: In Romania ? I think somewhere in the woods of Transilvania. But also this party was a bomb :). And not to forget a great trip to the Danube Delta with the arpiar crowd….unforgettable!!

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Ok, I think we’re almost done. Projects for the future?
S: A lot…and soon !!

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: Underground: trend or life philosophy?
S: Life Philosophy…even more important these days!!

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: the last one. In your opinion, what is your strong point?
S: Beer ! Haha

Larisse KNOBS MAGAZINE: So, that’s really all. Thank you for your time and.. see you soon here in Romania?
S: We hope so !

S: Pe curând! 🙂



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