Komon So Easy

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Cat No: PIP026
Artist: Komon
Title: So Easy
Label: Apple Pips
Format: 12″ & Digital
Release Date: 18th November 2013

Fresh from his brillliant release on Aus Music ‘Walk the Walk’, Komon returns to Apple Pips once again to indulge his love of garage & house with a pair of utterly future-minded steppers that meld the fun-loving qualities of his productions with the most addictive kind of swing.

‘So Easy’ kick the record off in sassy fashion with a limber turn that matches the crisp 2-step swagger with slick dashes of melody and vocal sharpened to a fine point to accentuate the groove, like all good garage content should. The bassline meanwhile wobbles in perfect semblance with the beat, hitting every conceivable spot for a straight up dancefloor burner.

Taking a more measured path into the heart of the party, ‘ Cosmin Jon’ comes on tender at first as delicate trickles of melody and warm bass interweave around a simple kick, clap & hat pattern. Of course it can’t stay civilised for too long, an sure enough some rude bottom end grind comes bowling in and the beat starts twitching in earnest. It’s a set of drums that reside at the housier end of the garage spectrum, but shuffle and swing they do all the same, while all around a rich tapestry of keys inject soul into the track. With some choice spiritual guidance intoned in the vocal sample, ‘Cosmic Jon’ makes for a truly uplifting slice of contemporary 4×4 business.

Komon’s refined production skills only get richer with each release, while he finds ever new ways to express warmth and soul from electronic sources, and as long as he keeps delivering it we’ll keep representing it.


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