MBF 12104 – Pieper & Kappetijn – Lucky Slots

Bastian Pieper has been involved with the Frankfurt techno scene for a long time and in many different ways.
Apart for his dj performances, he has organized up to 200 techno events in Frankfurt, and is right now hosting nights at legendary Tanzhaus West and Dora Brilliant.
At an early age, he became inspired by the record shop “Delirium”, hosted by Atta and Heiko M.S.O. which has influenced so many good artists in the past.
In 2003, he became resident in two other legendary spots – the U60 (Frankfurt) and Room 106 ( Darmstadt) – both locations where Traum and Trapez artists have also played. In 2007 he founded his own label „Herz ist Trumpf“. His track “I love you” (Basti Pieper feat. Eddy Pirat ), was licensed by Cocoon for „Sound Of The Tenth Season“ by Sven Väth and was later remixed by Sascha Braemer und Dan Caster. Together with his girlfriend Danielle Kappetijn, he has now been busy recording material under the name of “Pieper & Kappetijn” which sees here a release on MBF with their “Luck Slots” EP.
The Ep opens with “Lucky Slots” which builds up in a classic way , quite traditional and by magic or better by doing a splendid job on the programming side, it gets the groove going – in a Chicago TRAX like way –chunky-funky–sweaty and when the mad vocals hit the track then you know…. it has been a good night for Pieper & Kappetijn, a very good night!
The second track is “Dolphins Pearl” which was spotted by Kölsch when Bastian played with him some weeks ago. The track is similar to “Lucky Slots”, a seemingly simple track, follows a simple formula but does the rights moves perfectly at the right time – when it succeeds in entering into the world of disco and glam, STUDIO 54…… whatsoever… it is it is..well it is a radiating, phenomenal track.
The last track is a remix by a sincere young man from Cologne who has recently recorded together with Moritz Ochsenbauer, called Jacob Reiter. He has reworked “Lucky slots” in a loose way and has put a lot of heart & soul into it. So please lend him your ear.

Release date: 29th July 2013


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