Michael Lovatt Attractor EP

ARTIST NAME:Michael Lovatt
TITLE:Attractor EP
LABEL:Ricochet Records
London’s Ricochet Records imprint drops its twentieth release this July, in the shape of, Michael Lovatt’s ‘Attractor’ EP, backed with remixes from TeeFreqs and The Funklab.

Ricochet Records was birthed in 2007 by label-head Lifecycle, and has maintained a steady schedule of raw, broken, techno and electronica infused records over the years. Here the label welcomes Michael Lovatt, an Ireland-born, now Berlin-based producer and DJ, delivering dance floor orientated grooves, drenched in warm atmospherics and dusty grit.The release opens with the dark and brooding groove of title track ‘Attractor’, focusing on heavily reverberated tones, weighty up-tempo drum programming and a subtle synth hook as its driving force. Lovatt opts for hidden nuances in the depth of the background here to maintain an ever-evolving dynamic. ‘Taking Sides’ follows, veering in a different direction entirely with sparse elements, heavily distorted percussion and swirling dub delays. Rounded subby tones add a further weight to the groove as the entire cut slowly comes in to fruition in the focal point, resulting in a heady peak-time slow-bloomer. Last up on the originals from Lovatt is ‘Drift’, taking things deeper, with a dropped-tempo, eerie vibe. Each element is intrinsically linked to flow together in harmony, as the drums, Rhodes chords and lo-fi kicks brilliantly flutter alongside one another in an understated, intelligent style.

Entering the final stages of the release we have the remixes, the first of which is, ‘Attractor (TeeFreqs Remix)’, the budding producer puts a post bass spin on things with off-kilter drums, warbling electronic bass and spacious, entrancing synths instilled in the depths of the background. Last up to close the EP is The Funklab’s interpretation of ‘Drift’, upping the energy to the preceding mix and putting things on a more aggressive, electro tip. The centre stages throw in an ethereal breakdown for impact before reverting back to the penetrating, broken-beat rhythm.


1. Attractor
2. Taking Sides
3. Drift
4. Attractor (TeeFreqs Remix)
5. Drift (The Funklab Remix)

RELEASE DATE:22-07-2013


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