Afriqua Melt EP Lokee Release

Afriqua – Melt EP

Release Details

LABEL : Lokee Release
DATE : 27th May 2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Lokee Musik’s sophomore release features newcomer Afriqua. A 21 year old from Virginia, USA and currently based in Berlin. This fledgling producer and student of the Royal Academy of Music sparked interest with Lokee when they met at one of their famous after hours in London.

 The title track here is ‘Melt’ & features broken groove with Afriqua’s minimal perspective. Electric pulse stabs are at the heart of this rhythm and drive it with a much appreciated space. Vocals from Sorcha Richardson adds an eerie anthemic touch reminiscent of somewhere between the Cocteau Twins & Fever Ray.

 Cesar Merveille delivers the first ‘Melt’ remix. An epic 12 minute journey that maintains Afriqua’s hypnotic intensions with a more uplifting and positive tone. A perfect track for when the sun is just starting peaking over the horizon. The remix is to be featured on a Candenza mix CD that Cesar has recorded and will be available before the summer. 

Fresh from his album release – ‘Swimming in an 8 Bit Ocean’ on Sasha’s Last Night on Earth imprint , and also 1/3 of My Favorite Robot – James Teej provides the another remix of ‘Melt’. The remix features Teej’s trademark synth work that sure doesn’t detract from the title of his album. ‘Vocalise’ demonstrates Afriqua’s classical heritage and passion for minimal composition. A somber piano sonata meets a detuned ending propelling the track into perpetuating hypnotic rhythms and voices.

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