Appleblim Fluorescent/PastPresentFuture PIPS022

Appleblim – Fluorescent/PastPresentFuture

Release Details

LABEL : Apple Pips
DATE : 10th June 2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

While it might be surprising for a figure so visible in the global electronic music scene, Appleblim’s first fully solo release has been a long time coming. After years of sharing hallowed wax space with close friends and cohorts such as Shackleton, Peverelist, Ramadanman aka Pearson Sound, Al Tourettes & October, there’s never been a better time for Laurie Osborne to get some space in which to explore his own sound. If anything, this pair of tracks reflects the duplicitous nature of his DJ sets, drawing upon a wealth of styles and a broad spectrum of moods to engender all manner of emotional responses, within little more than eight minutes per side.

“Fluorescent” represents the ‘Blim at his most jovial, tapping into the pure pleasure hit of sun-kissed house music whilst bolstering the more immediate elements of the track with subtle flecks of sound design and a deft application of punch and swing. While the main hook may take its time to reveal itself
through the swathes of dubby texture, once it hits it feels like an overwhelming swell of good vibes. Even as the chirpy first refrain melts away into an ambient breakdown before getting switched up for an edgier tone, the fist-shaking vibrancy of the track refuses to let go.

In the true spirit of diversity, “Past Present Future” plots a very different path into broken beats and experimental tones that engender a meditative headspace from the outset. The rhythm may be rock solid, but the plush chords that judder and stretch through a wealth of processing send the mind spinning in a myriad of directions. There’s a whisper of electro about the whipcrack of the drums, while the plaintive bass anchors the mix with measured precision, but truthfully the track surges into its own unchartered realm as soon as the staggered kick takes hold. By the time the delicate sprinkles of acid meld with starlit synthesis and reach ever further space-wards, the past reference points have become
irrelevant and all that can be felt is the shock of the present.

With this record Appleblim kickstarts a new chapter in his musical evolution, setting a promising precedent for both club-baiting dynamism and experimental adventure while busting the possibilities for the future wide open.

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