Blacksmif Splinter Foot Girl EP Space Hardware

Blacksmif – Splinter Foot Girl EP

Release Details

LABEL : Space Hardware
DATE : July 15th 2013
COUNTRY : Germany
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Following on from Deft earlier this year and the inaugural release for this label from Placeholder in 2012, Space Hardware returns with a new EP from Blacksmif. Born Yemi Olagbaiye, he is a producer who has received hearty props from Mary Ann Hobbs, Fact Mag and Radio 1 for his strange and wonderful sounds on labels like Blah Blah Blah, Paradise Club and Tom Middleton’s Sounds of the Cosmos. Dutchman and Klakson co-boss Dexter also turns in a remix to complete this package.

‘Splinter Foot Girl’ is first up and is a bristling brew of organic, lively percussion, warm and soft chords and muffled male vocals. The beats are sporadic and the mood manages to be both implosive and explosive at the same time as cymbals dangling in the air above pixelated melodies and whooshes of synth. It’s colourful and charming in equal measure.

‘Afterthoughts From A Whorehouse’ is even more involved, folding bassline scales in on spitting percussion, pinging cowbells and warm, glowing pads. Again it manages to be both rough and smooth, vibrant but heartfelt and sounds something like might Four Tet on DMT.

The B1 sees Dexter remix ‘Splinter Foot Girl’ into a stripped back electro cut with sharp drum hits sticking out of the growling bass stabs. The original’s dark and twisted vocal is left in place and some extra radiant synths are squeezed into the mix and the mid point, making way for amore coarse drum workouts in the latter half. Buy the EP digitally and you will also be treated to a VIP remix of ‘Splinter Foot Girl’ that gets all boisterous and ravey with prickly drums, churning percussion and plenty of height in the kicks. Outer-space music made on hardware is the label’s MO and makes for a perfect descriptor of this EP.

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