David Scuba & Dance Spirit The Wi_th

David Scuba and Dance Spirit – The Wi_th

Release Details

LABEL : Superfreq
DATE : 17-06-2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

The next release on Superfreq comes from one of the men behind the label, the fast rising talent David Scuba, who here teams up with Supernature production duo and rhythm perfectionists Dance Spirit. The four track release ‘The Wi_th’ was made using a selection of real hardware like a Juno 106, 303, Kontakt Drums and a few secret plug ins. They are tracks inspired by life and the party and prove all three producers have a unique combined voice.

First up is title track ‘The Wi_th’, a slow and purposeful cut with predatory synths and slowly underlapping kicks. Plenty of occult and alien sounds and voices litter the soundscapes as the grooves prowl on, with tension released in various vocal coos. Key to the track is an arpeggiated melody that bubbles and boils up through the rhythm section to elevate things to a higher plane entirely.

‘The Nos’ is a deep and classic acid jam with a blistered 303 ripping right through the centre of the track. All around it voices appear then disappear and icy claps carry the thing forward to explosive effect. Next up, ‘The Hazing’ is a warm and bubbly ride through the cosmos with thick ambiance and molten melodies rippling from start to finish, one to take you down a trippy sonic rabbit hole late at night, ‘The Hazing’ is perfect for those more intimate dances.

Finally, ‘Soul Selector’ is a more infectious and instantly vibey jam with shuffling garage house percussion and a bassline that rides up and down the scale, taking you with it at every step. Displaying another keen understanding of melody and dynamics these three sure do get plenty of feeling out of their machines.

“These tracks were made for people to dance to and enjoy” say David Scuba and Dance Spirit – and they are not wrong.


1. The Wi_th
2. The Nos
3. The Hazing
4. Soul Selector

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