Gaol Get In To EP Sub_Urban

Gaol – Get In To EP

Release Details

LABEL : Sub_Urban
DATE : 12-06-2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Mallorca, Spain based imprint, Sub_Urban, drops its third release this June, with Gaol’s ‘Get In To’ EP.

Sub_Urban kicked things off in 2012 with Guri’s ‘Freedom’ EP, picking up support from the likes of MANIK, Ekkohaus, Andre Crom and Tom Budden, an indication of the modern appeal embodied in the labels output from the very off. Here the label moves forward in 2013 with a release from Gaol, an emerging name on scene and producer of deep, emotive house music.
Title track ‘Get In To’ launches the EP, with shuffling drums, drawn out sub bass-lines, fluttering pads and evolving synth stabs. ‘It’s Time To Sun’ follows, focusing on a dark and edgy vibe once again, this time allowing melodic arpeggiated synths, piano stabs and vocal samples to lie at the forefront, while simplistic drums drive the energy.

Up next, ‘No Whistle’, focuses on ethereal, drawn-out pads, heavily side chained synth chords and crunching claps, resulting in a subtle darkroom workout, while ‘Rout Out’ delves into retro house territory, with busy drum programming and a hooky, hypnotic style melody that’s cleverly manipulated throughout, yet maintains the same notes to keep its loopy nature rolling.

The latter stages of the EP sees the tempo dropped slightly and a shimmering beauty added to the records, whether it be the ever-evolving arp-lines of ‘Strange Voices’, the cosseting, dubbed-out Rhodes of ‘The Unicorn’, or the resonating stabs and murmuring vocal licks of ‘You You You’, the result is always brilliantly crafted and enticing.

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