GPM234 – Israel Vich – Closure EP

Israel Vich – Closure EP

Release Details

COUNTRY : Germany
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

We’ve seen Israel Vich before; he was featured on volume 2 of Get Physical’s newcomer compilation series, ‘Tracks’. Since then he’s been concentrating and refining his sound. Recently he sent us an amazing tune with, that perfect deep summer heat, and so came about his first EP on Get Physical, ‘Closure’.

The title track caught us immediately with its groovy bass line and the funk guitar rhythms. The percussion sets the energy levels high enough to keep the fire going, but subtle enough to ease you into it. And then the vocal comes. This vocal is what really makes the track burn deep. Take note and don’t let this one pass you up, because you are going to hear this one again this summer.

Together with his buddy Jairo Betancourt, Israel pumps out two more heavy tracks. The first, ‘Let Go’ takes a dirty bass line and spins a golden net of groove and melody. A good track to play to an early-morning sunrise.

The third track of the EP, ‘My Heart’ takes a similar approach, adding more energy and vocal soul to achieve another deep and hot dance floor killer for the booty shakers out there.

And the close the EP, we’ve included the accapella for your live sessions or creative attacks!

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