Jacky 0 Psiconautica Vol.1 Apparel Music

Jacky 0 – Psiconautica Vol.1

Release Details

LABEL : Apparel Music
DATE : 08-07-2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital/CD

Apparel Music returns this July with a full length LP entitled ‘Psiconautica Vol.1’, by Italian producer Jacky 0.

Jacky 0 is an Italian musician, born in Milan, the budding young producer, now in his early twenties, delivers infectious house and techno grooves infused with organic warmth, achieved through live instrumentation from the man himself. Blending an amalgamation of guitars, bass, drums, piano and ethnic percussion into his compositions. Here Jacky drops his debut LP ‘Psiconautica’, translation, ‘Soul Navigation’, on the ever on-point Apparel Music, joining the likes of Delano Smith, Lopazz, SCSI-9 and John Tejada on the roster.

Opener ‘Psilo’ sets the tone nicely for the LP with its emotive, glitchy vibe, building a cosseting atmosphere, ‘Adrift’ follows in the same ilk with swirling dynamics, ever-evolving melodies and delicate intricacies. While the dark and brooding vibe continues in ‘Zero Degrees’ with heavily manipulated vocals, off-kilter drum programming and baroque structural changes, again creating something rather unique.

The ‘Sun Is Late’ veers things into 4/4 territory and puts an ethereal spin on the direction of the album, with slowly blooming pads and warm chords. ’20 Years Ago’ follows, with broken-beats, lush guitar licks and swirling, psychedelic vocals. ‘Hats and Dogs’ displays 0’s musicality brilliantly, with brilliantly constructed dubbed out guitars, hooky vocals and a profound depth to the record achieved through intense processing of the individual elements.

The latter stages of the album delves deep into a dusty, glitched-out aesthetic with beautiful attributes, whether it be the warm strings of ‘Everything Breaks Too Easily’, fluttering melodies of ‘My Only Chance To Remain Same’ or penetrating subby tones of ‘Rusty Gears’, Jacky 0 consistently delivers a refreshing outlook on electronic music.

Closing the release is ‘Deprived Of The Power To Speak Normally’ and ‘Unbreakable Boy’, the first of which focuses on natural instrumentation again with blossoming Rhodes, heavily delayed Piano licks and re-samples vocal snippets, while the latter takes a more electronic approach, opting for a penetrating electronic synth, distortion and an intense structure to close the release in style.


1 Psilo
2 Adrift
3 Zero Degrees
4 Sun Is Late
5 20 Years Ago
6 Hat and Dogs
7 Everything Breaks Too Easily
8 My Only Chance To Remain Sane
9 Rusty Gears
10 Deprived Of The Power To Speak Normally
11 Unbreakable Boy

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