KD062 – Cipy – Breakfast In Sydenham

Cipy appeared last year on Kindisch with his very intimate ‘Your Fifteen Sexy Heel’ EP, marking the day we fell in love with the Italian-born producer. A few months later, he’s back, with ‘Breakfast In Sydenham’.

The title track is the product of a weekend in Sydenham, London. ‘Breakfast In Sydenham’ plays with ambient vocals dipped heavily in effects, creating a mind bending atmosphere full of energy and power. And then the lead vocals arrive, sealing the deal and creating that perfect moment you will remember years from now.

‘And The Warmth Comes Up’ begins with a cold synth and bass line combo, teasing percussion over the top and creating tense air. It continues to reveal more tech house delight and, as the title hints, it warms up to become a very acceptable early morning floor filler.

‘Better&Worse’ rounds off the EP with an upbeat vibe with tech house influences. He keeps the energy going with very organic sounds and rhythmic leads. Cipy managed to deliver another high quality release, with all the tracks fitting and complimenting each other very well.

“My special thanks goes to Kara and Team Smile and Nod for following me in this project, and thanks to Pako & Imma for giving me such an inspiration… love u guys…” – Cipy

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