Lokiboi Late Reaction EP

Lokiboi – Late Reaction EP

Release Details

LABEL : Somethinksounds
DATE : 20th May 2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Following on from the success of Artifacts ʻThe Way It Do/We Trappedʼ, the somethinksounds cartel rolls on picking up even more steam this time calling on the untapped talents of Lokiboi who serve up the insatiable ʻLate Reaction EPʼ which features a collaboration with Love Fever darling Citizen. Having appeared previously on Kolour Recordings as Klic (aka Medlar) & Lokiboi, this is his first solo appearance and his first opportunity to demonstrate his unbelievable studio skills.

Up first ʻLate Reactionʼ rattles into our consciousness; constantly shifting this one never lets up for moment and expert drum programming techniques ensure it has total control over the listeners emotions throughout.

Intensity levels drop for the intro of ʻHelp Yourselfʼ as slower kick drums pulsate and shuffling percussion rolls along as though it is being heard from the room next door. Atmospheric pads path the way for incredible smooth garage beats to roll along with snapping snares and chopped vocals giving the track direction.

ʻLove Saves The Dayʼ invites man of the moment Citizen to get in on the action instantly bringing his brand of reverbed, garage-house soundscapes which is much complemented by the percussive arrangements of Lokiboi. Excellent vocals and soaring pads take the whole thing to a match made in dancefloor paradise.

Rounding off this superb release we have ʻKeep On Loving Me Dryʼ which builds and builds to a dramatic climax before descending into possibly the biggest breakdown on the EP.

All Killers, No Fillers.

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