Max Chapman & Kieran Andrews The Phone Call Kaluki Music

Max Chapman & Kieran Andrews – The Phone Call

Release Details

LABEL : Kaluki Music
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

The Phone Call

That jiggly shuffle and shake propels the initial half of the track as subtle variations on the pattern gradually increase the intensity. Halfway through it kicks up a gear with elegant use of bass drops and windy synths, eventually building up to a nagging little tech riff. These elements feel like the focus of the track . And a spicy little cake it is, one that will make shoulders shake and hips wiggle.

She’s a Raver

It’s progressive house in the most literal sense of the word – the title track builds logically and steadily using a fairly basic rhythmic foundation. But this basic foundation is soaked, even drenched, in euphoric cottony synths which add successive layers of melodic counterpoint until the overall effect is almost unbearably sweet.

Gimme Some more

The subtle bassline in the background keeps the track flowing nicely alongside a quirky set of percussive elements and some melodic inputs. It’s a superb little production this, and it takes a dirty approach late on in the piece with some very gritty basslines thrown in for good measure.

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