Pablo Bolivar Must

Pablo Bolivar – Must

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LABEL : Avant Roots
DATE : 16-06-2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Released in June on his Avant Roots imprint, ‘Must’ is the third solo album from Spanish producer Pablo Bolivar and it showcases the warm cross-genre styles of the prolific 32 year old.

Having made a name for himself with releases for Curle, Regular and Absurd over the years, Bolivar’s dubbed out house sounds have become a firm fixture in electronic music since 2004. Alongside his own releases, his band Pulshar with Avant Roots partner Aphro (Sergio Sainz) has also notched up three LPs, the most recent being the ‘Inside’ work for Desolat.

Here, on ‘Must’, Bolivar tips a nod to his love of dub but from the opening track onward we see true reflection of his wide-ranging influences. 80’s disco bleeds through on opening track ‘Rise Your Demons’, a slo-mo track that gives way to the pensive deep house tones of ‘Eleven Years’ before the two sounds meet in the quirky, upbeat ‘Midnight Frogs’.

Hazy jazz meets dub overtones in ‘Off Soft’ (feat Fabel) while the jazz licks filter into the appropriately titled ‘Smoke Mode’ and following track ‘Diamonds’ which takes a more stripped back approach in showcasing its roots. The last section of the LP, across four tracks, runs a myriad of deep house aesthetics and, carrying on the LP’s densely textured melodic approach, provides a gossamer covered range of moods.

‘Must’ is an accomplished, cohesive LP that sees Bolivar at the height of his deft and subtle yet compelling writing. Paired with exceptional production values that give appropriate space and cosseting warmth, this writing really shines.

‘Must’ is released on Avant Roots 16th June 2013.
1.Rise your Demons
2.Eleven Years
3.Midnight Frogs
4.Off Soft feat Fabel
5.Smoke Mode
7.New Order feat Mastra
8.Don’t Hold

9.Keep Moving


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