Piemont Coco Cliche (Incl. Tripmastaz Remix) Plumbum

Piemont – Coco Cliche (Incl. Tripmastaz Remix)

Release Details

LABEL : Plumbum
DATE : 05-06-2013
COUNTRY : Germany
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Piemont return to their Plumbum imprint this June with ‘Coco Cliche’, backed with a Tripmastaz Remix.

Piemont aka Frederic Moring-Sack and Christian Jonquieres have been heavily involved the electronic music industry for quite some time, racking up a highly praised reputation with releases for the likes of Resopal Schallware and weplayminimal, as well as running their own Suchtreflex and Plumbum imprints, the latter being where the duo return to here with more striking original material. This marks Plumbum’s seventh release from the artists, and previous remixes have come courtesy of heavy hitters like Martinez, Dapayk and Mihalis Safras, so following in the same ilk, Cecille artist and one of Russia’s finest exports, Tripmastaz, steps up to the plate on this EP.

The release opens with the original version of title track ‘Coco Cliche’, which sees the duo employ crunchy, shuffling drum programming, funk style guitar licks and murmuring vocal lines to create an infectious, hooky groove. Things slowly bloom in such a state with subtle nuances keeping things enticing, while the latter half of the cut sees thing reverted back to heady groove following an elongated, filtered breakdown.

Real Tone, Moon Harbour and Thoughtless artist Tripmastaz turns in a remix of ‘Coco Cliche’ next, putting a retro off-kilter spin on things with a swinging broken-beat, gritty saw wave bass and intricately delayed and reverberated chopped samples from the original parts. The Russian producer throws in a smooth double bass style hook to stamp his own unique mark on the composition, resulting in a brilliantly contrasting interpretation.

Last up to close the release we have ‘Haunted Place’, tipping its focus towards a percussive led track with organic drums, bubbling background atmospheres and bulbous sub-bass tones. The focal points introduces warm electric piano chords and dubbed out vocal lines to add some musicality, while the duo process and tamper with the elements to build impact and substance to the record. As expected from these proficient producers this is an outstanding package and stellar addition to the Plumbum label.

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