Steve Nash Dancing

The first track on the 12” , ‘Dancing’ , begins nicely enough with a cavalcade of percussive delights. Soon enough he chunky kick drum moves into gear, alongside a cheeky little baseline that rumbles beneath the surface. A sweeping synth enter the track, and leads it to the breakdown where funky melodies build to the beautiful sweeping synth, that all unite with the chunky baselines and driving beats

On the b side we see No Como which kicks into gear with some driving beats yet again as well as a deep bouncy baseline. Very solid in the first half, the track also hits a curious breakdown that is similar in style to the a-side, featuring a high pitched synth, as well as some funky vibes, all while the hi hats are building furiously.

Re.You’s remix has quite an enchanting feel throughout, with float effects and nice dreamy feel to it, despite the fact that the beats are quite solid and the baseline quite chunky. It’s a very nice production with solid rolling beats, bass and a nice vocal that makes a great track incredible.

Emanuel Satie has gained a high reputation for doing quality tracks . Working as intern at Cocoon surely helped him learn the business. When you hear his remix u get that specific summer anthem quality track which makes you dance on the side of the pool and after jump inside because you are too heated by it. This is a real summer anthem, ready to be played out in Ibiza and at all backyards that feature fresh air!

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