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Superlover – Lost and Found EP

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LABEL : Superlover
DATE : 20-06-2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

Ferri Borbas aka Superlover, drops the ‘Lost and Found’ EP, via his Superlover Recordings imprint this June, comprising five original tracks from the German producer.

Superlover aka Ferri Borbas, has been steadily releasing house and techno records since 1998, notably as one half of duo Kassette Boys and under the name M_Ferri, as well as running the Kassette Records and Autist imprints out of Berlin. Ferri was raised on the electronic music culture emerging from Berlin in the 90’s, being influenced by the dark and industrial sounds of Jeff Mills and Joey Beltram coming out of the City, shaping Ferri’s now trademark sound.

The ‘Lost and Found’ single presents Superlover’s sound spectrum brilliantly, opening first with ‘Memory’, as the name suggests, the cut looks back on some of Ferri’s influences over the years, tipping its focus towards an 80’s electro-tinged aesthetic, with an arp-style bass-hook, crunchy drums, moog synth lines and subtle filtering, resulting in a epic Italo Disco workout.
‘Walking’ stays on a similar tip with chuggy low-end bass, and jazzy piano licks, while ‘Robot Love’ reveals a French electro influence in Ferri’s productions with an amalgamation of organic synth and guitar samples, running with 808 drums and classic strings.

Entering the latter half of the release we have ‘Music’, putting things on a more direct, deep-house tip with a piano chord progression, simple yet effective 4/4 drums and a classic house structure with new elements, and retractions being introduced every 16 / 32 bars. Closing the EP is ‘Midnight’, taking on a darker, more eerie format to the preceding cuts, yet instilled with subtle disco touches to tie it all together.

1. Memory
2. Walking
3. Robot Love
4. Music
5. Midnight

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