Sweatshop Boys Wide World feat Jem Cooke (& Mosca / Matt Tolfrey Remixes)

Sweatshop Boys – Wide World feat Jem Cooke (& Mosca / Matt Tolfrey Remixes)

Release Details

LABEL : Leftroom
DATE : 17-06-2013
FORMAT : Vinyl/Digital

The formidable team of Visionquest related artists Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Cesar Merveille debut their new Sweatshop Boys project for Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom imprint this June with ‘Wide World’ feat Jem Cooke, backed with remixes from Mosca and Tolfrey himself.

Individually and with their respective collaborations, all of the artists on this Sweatshop Boys release are heavyweights. Curtiss and Crosson, along with Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves have turned the Visionquest project and label into a house music phenomenon in recent years while Merveille has, via releases on Cadenza and his collaborative LP with Crosson, developed a formidable reputation himself. Mosca, via his Radio 1 show, has become a genuine flag bearer for house and techno while still enjoying a status as one of the most eclectic tastes around while Jem Cooke’s work with Matt Tolfrey and Kate Simko has seen many a plaudit.

‘Wide World’ is an 808-fuelled cut with a hefty dose of electronic soul. Urgent, relentless, funky and with Jem Cooke at her most passionate in her vocal performance, ‘Wide World’ is an unashamed slice of jacking, old school house executed with care and nous.

Mosca delivers three interpretations. The London-based artist gently channels Dance Mania with his ‘Ghetto Mix’, comes with dubby, rawness in his ‘Deep Dub’ and lets Cooke’s vocals fly in his vocal mix. Already extensively road tested on his R1 show, these are a rare set of remixes from Mosca and, as always, he’s delivered.

Rounding off the package is Matt Tolfrey. Inspired by the process of his recent ‘Word of Mouth’, the Leftroom boss has dedicated much of his time to the studio of late and this enthusiasm is evident. On his ‘Micro Dub’ Tolfrey tips a nod to micro-house of old while plunging the track into warm, cossetting depths.

Sweatshop Boys ‘Wide World’ feat Jem Cooke is released on Leftroom 17th June 2013.

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