Stefano Testa – Empire of the Light Cadenza

Stefano Testa is a talented and committed dj and producer coming from a small town in the southern Italy but living in Rome from almost 20 years, in which he has been a resident in many of the more vivid clubs of the Eternal City. His digital release for Cadenza Lab is undoubtedly full of loveliness and dedication.
“Bar Barella” is a long effective after-hour track that starts with an offbeat slap bass and a swarm of filtered percussion building up the climb of a straight kick drum, while spectral quirky voices, and frantic chords go back and forth with a suspicious bass as the rhythms become persistent.
“Blind Perspective” sleekly blends electro beats with a Balearic allure. In the twinkling of an eye, the beats get driving when shiny hi-hats and fluctuating chorused swooshes’ come on stage.
Finally, the beat-less “Empire of The Light” spreads out a hypnotic resonant arpeggio on lightly exhaled melancholic pad, which unwraps its harmonies with grace.



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