Submerge, Hiroko Yamamura The Uncommon Enemy Remixes (incl. Black Asteroid, Truncate, Denise Rabe, Oliver Rosemann)

Truncate, Black Asteroid, Denise Rabe and Oliver Rosemann remix Impact Mechanics founder Submerge and fellow Chicagoan Hiroko Yamamura’s ‘The Uncommon Enemy’.


Hailing from the Windy City, Submerge and Hiroko Yamamura are both respected for producing quality electronic music however when they team up they take it to another level. This is proven by last year’s anthemic ‘The Uncommon Enemy’ techno release, which picked up support from artists like Amelie Lens, Dave Clarke, Rebekah, and many more. Four excellent and contrasting techno artists now provide remixes.


One half of the critically acclaimed Motor, Black Asteroid is first up with a remix of ‘X.AN.112’ – kicking things off with firing lasers, stereo image effects and heavy synths. USA techno titan and frequent Ben Sims collaborator as ASSAILANTS, Truncate steps up next with his Midas touch, incorporating a rolling sub, flying pads and crunchy cymbals to turning ‘X.SPE.8086’.


Generating a sci-fi inspired aesthetic from the off, Denise Rabe’s industrial remix of ‘X.CTR.7130’ follows and sees the Berlin-based Rabe label boss in fine form once again. Finally, MindTrip’s Oliver Rosemann then approaches ‘X.CTR.7130’ with jarring rattles, powerful stabs and echoed claps.


Submerge, Hiroko Yamamura ‘The Uncommon Enemy Remixes’ drops on Impact Mechanics 21st October 2019.




1. X.AN.112 (Black Asteroid Remix)
2. X.SPE.8086 (Truncate Remix)
3. X.CTR.7130 (Denise Rabe Remix)
4. X.CTR.7130 (Oliver Rosemann Remix)


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