If I could take you back to the beginning and ask you what first drew you to electronic music?

It would be a long journey … hahahahah …  well … maybe the freshness of it at that time … it was like a rock music at the beginning … like something almost forbidden … no local radio wanted  to play it, and you need really to dig in to find something … so you felt like a rebbel … we were listening to Italian radio stations late at night in some spots where you wouldn’t go even by day … just to catch the radio signal and listen to it…


In your career you’ve seen a lot of changes. What changes do you think have been for the better and is there anything you’d like to change back?

all changes have been for the better … otherwise … why make them … the only thing i would like to make different is to get back in to DJing a little bit earlier … but i was so focused in making my studio and learning music production by myself that wasn’t paying enough attention to the world around me 🙂

How has the your sound developed since it first entered the international consciousness several years ago? Why do you think it became such a phenomenon?

I was always trying to sound different … for me the sound as sound is part of the track … u can use same elements played in same patterns with same sounds but mixed between them in a different way …and you will have a completely different track … from the beginning when i started producing I’m trying to understand the sound from it’s core … not just as a melody or pattern … but from the oscillator or sample up … understanding what each of the proces in making a track is doing to each sound and make them all sound cool together … I also worked on a radio station for years and somehow get influenced of that rich full sound you hear on all songs on the radio … and maybe i’m trying to bring this richness to my tracks … so they sound as they sound

How important do you think the internet and social media is breaking new artists into the scene?

it is somehow a doble blade… on one side it open the doors to lot of people meeting each other and artists can promote their music to masses thru them …but on  the other side there is to much newcomers that dont have any respect for the job or to other people and all they wanna is just became big over night … those people also think that what they see on social medias is the almighty truth… for example … one of them have written me while ago why Richie Hawtin have changed his controllers from X1 back to faderfox … and i was Realy ? and he gave me the link to the video … that was posted like a week before … with Richie playing with faderfox … but he was so lazy that havent even read the comment where it was written that the video is from year back and so on … and there is lot of similar events happening … some of the guys are so rushing into becoming the part of this world …that they dont even understand it as they should

Where was your first gig? How did it go?

first real gig ( beside the school partyes 🙂 ) was in a biggest and best club in my region at that time … and I was 17 … well almost 18 … but  to be honest … i was shaking like never … I almost needed 2 hands to put a stylus on a record … but after 20 minutes I was bit more relaxed and the night went great … next weekend I was a resident at the club 🙂

Tell us what are your favourite bits of kit both to play live and produce with in the studio? (Do run analogue, digital or a mixture of the both?) Is there a special or any unusual process you go through when building tracks?

I’m coming from an analog age , but i also love new technology that is completely digital … In studio now for last 2 or 3 years I use completely digital setup but with lot of analog emulation plugins … as for playing live I use a digital setup because this way I can be more creative but everything goes thru the real anlog mixer Allen & Heath Xone 92 … as it is the only mixer that can bring out the sound I’m after when playing … lot of people argue about how there is no difference in sound between mixers … well then i cant help them to achieve better sound 🙂 🙂 🙂

as for special proces …well … i tend to listen to the loop that I create at the beginning for a long time … without touching anything in it… this way i notice if something is bothering me or is there something that is not right … also I do a semi mastering during the creation proces of the track … as mastering brings stuff out so somehow mastering is part of my creative process

Do you feel that mixing on vinyl is a dying art?

no … this is like saying that playing an acoustic guitar is dying … as now we have also an electric guitar … there is too much arguing about that i think … If we are honest … why nobody is crying for the old tape machines ? … don’t forget that first DJs were playing with tape machines and cassettes !!! … the biggest hype about djing was with vinyls …so 99% of people think thats it … this is the real one … but … being a dj is more than that … is not just beatmaching 2 tracks together on a turntable… the main thing a DJ must do is make a crowd have a great time regardless the media he is using …


How do you feel the rise of digital software has help breed a new generation of electronic music?

like 99,9% hahahaha … the evolution of software influences the evolution of music …period.

regardless that there is lot of old equipment emulations in the plugin world… the music as it is today would not be possible with the software that is available today … the sad thing is when i hear newcomers complaining about things they cannot do because they dont have certain thing … well do it in a different way … or even worst when they dont know what they have and appreciate that … they download the pirat version of the software that is capable to do 1000 times more then all the gear I had when I started, they just put the loop in it and it is in tempo … but they dont wanna pay 300 Eur for it … in my days i payed like 4000 eur for my first sampler and needed to do a bunch of calculations if wanted to change the tempo of the loop … but it didnt stop me from producing music … the evolution of the technology should save time in doing certain things …so u can get more creative into exploring and experimenting new stuf …


How do you go about set building? Off the cuff organic mixes or do you have a rough plan for where you’re playing? Where are your favourite places to play? Couple of tracks which u want to mention?

No plans … just a folder with favorite music … from where I pick songs to play regarding on the reaction of the crowd … so I can give them something that they will enjoy with me 🙂 … as for favorite places I love smal underground clubs where people are really there for the music … for the tracks side … there is to much of them to mention … but I love those tracks that are not big hits … but destroy the dancefloor each time you play them … even if they are couple of years old 🙂


2013 has been the year of the collaboration. Are there any collaborations we’ll be seeing you engaging in the near future?

yes… but cant tell with who yet 🙂 … hahahahaahha

If you could play literally anywhere and with anyone where would you play and who with?

I’m about to do that … 🙂 on 17th october I will play on Intec Digital event at Awakenings with Dosem, Jon Rundell, Nicole Moudaber, Marco Bailey and Carl Cox. so is kind of dreams come true 🙂

Can you tell us a few names of producers’ work you are really enjoying at the moment?

Jon Rundell had some releases lately that I play all the time , then there is Dema, Sasha Carassi and almost all releases on Phobiq, … I love also the music that is coming out on Intec, KD music, Octopus, …

What are you own plans for the future both within music and outside of it? We’re always fascinated as to the many side projects many producers have…

have few great releases coming out … one of them is my third EP on Intec , few remixes and so on … as outside the music … well somehow I’am getting interested in video … recording and postproduction … so … a movie ? hahahahahahahahah no no no … maybe some advices on music production … on video … will see … and hear … 🙂

Where our readers can catch you next?

well the biggest thing for sure is at Awakenings on 17th October … it’s gone be a huge party so hope to se your readers there 🙂




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